Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Running Bad -- Weekend in Delaware (Part 2)


Spent the night at the Hilton down the street from Delaware Park.  Woke up Sunday morning around 10:00 and decided a change of scenery was in order.  Dover Downs Raceway was a mere 30 minutes Southeast, and I decided to give it a shot.  I had read that the poker room was nice, but small (18 tables), and that the level of play was much softer than Del Park.  I grabbed coffee, headed toward the shore, and arrived a half hour later.

It was my first time in Dover, Delaware (rumored to be the state capital).  Dover Downs sits along a four lane road littered with fast food joints, chain stores, hotels and a trailer park (the residents must be the envy of their peers, given that Dover Raceway is a drunken stumble down the road).  The casino itself was nice, but small.  Directly inside the front entrance was the sports and racebook.  Yes, Delaware recently legalized betting on NFL football . . . sort of.  Apparently, full-on sports betting would be too great a danger to society.  So, in effort to protect its citizens, Delaware permits only parlays and teasers - both universally recognized as "sucker bets."  There was no shortage of suckers lined up at the racebook at 11:00 Sunday morning....

The poker room at Dover Downs is located on the third floor, away from the rest of the gaming.  Not the greatest location if your goal is to lure in a continual stream of fresh fish.  I got to the room at exactly noon (I may or may not have been side tracked on my way with a quick stop at a Joker Poker machine . . .), and found two $1/2 NL tables and a $2/4 limit game going.  I was sat immediately. 

It was readily apparent within minutes that everyone at the table knew each other.  Average age was 50 or so; average level of degeneracy, a solid 9.5 out of 10.  Fifteen minutes in, the middle-aged Asian gentlemen in the three seat announces he has to leave . . . to attend his son's birthday party . . . but wishes to keep his chips on the table because he will be back.  Dealer and floor oblige.  An hour later, with the three seat still MIA, the woman in seat 1 leaves with her chips on the table . . . to go home to "feed her kid."  Seriously. 

In the meantime, the rest of us at the table were playing cards . . . and engaging in delightful table talk (I learned from the gentleman next to me that the (still) absent guy in the three seat was "the unluckiest oriental he knew").  Dover was nothing if not classy.  I grinded for 4 hours, without much luck.  Flopped a K high straight with KQ clubs and got it all in on the turn against a short stack who flopped a set with his pocket TT's . . . easy game . . . until I lost the profit, and more, a few hands later on an AKT flop when I ran my AK into QJ . . . such a sick game. . .

Left Dover Downs around 4:00pm a slight loser.  Began the 2 hour trip down route 50, over the Bay Bridge, towards the Beltway and the reality of another week in the office . . .                           

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