Sunday, December 11, 2011

Delaware Destroyer

Another horrible weekend at Delaware Park:


Saturday, I dropped a full buy-in in less than two hours.   Really only got involved in 5 hands:


Hand one takes place about 5 minutes into the session.  I limp from late position with JJ (its early, and I decide to play my jacks small).  Flop comes out T high, with 4 players.  Call $15 on the flop and pick up an open ended straight draw when an 8 hits the turn.  First to act bets $50 . . . one caller . . . Cut off shoves for $250 . . . folds around and cut off shows JQ for the str8t. 


Limp in with 97 off from the small blind and go five ways to the flop.  Flop comes 885.   I check call $12 on the flop hoping to catch a miracle 6 on the turn for a well-disguised straight and crazy implied odds.  Turn is . . . . 6 of spades - JACKPOT !!!!.  I lead out for $20 and get two callers.  River is . . . . another 6.  F*CK ME.  Board reads 88566.  I check.  Middle position bets out $45 and gets a call frm the hi-jack.  I fold.  Bettor shows A high . . . hijack has the 6.


I have 88 in middle position.  Raise to $10 and get three callers.  Flop comes T 4 7 rainbow.  UTG donk bets $15.  I repop to $45.  Last to act (an old regular) calls $45 and original bettor folds.  Turn is another 4.  I check to the old man who bets $50.  I give him credit for the T and fold. 

Down $100 at this point.


JJ (again) on the button . . . it limps around 6 ways and I raise to $17.  UTG +1 limp raises to $50.  Fold.


I look down at QQ in early position and raise to $12.  Three callers.  Flop is J high with two diamonds.  I bet $45 and get two callers.  Turn is an A.  Here's a spot where position kills.  Second to act is young and aggressive.  I know if I check, he will bet regardless of his hand.  I have about $116 behind.  I decide to shove.  Kid snap calls and last to act folds.   Kid shows AK and I'm stacked.  I really thought I was good on the turn.  Not sure what this kid was thinking callling $45 on the flop with two overs and no draw.  But, he hit is outs and that's what counts.

Hours Played:    2;    Hands Won: -0-;    Damage ($300)


This morning (Sunday), I attempted to shake it off, and signed up for the noon $5,000 guarantee.  Busted out during the second level, apparently unable to wash off my Delaware curse.

I had chipped up from 7,500 to 9,000+ when I looked down at KK in middle position.  I raise to $300 . . . folds to the button who three bets to $1,000.  I re-pop to $3,600.  Villian shoves and I snap call.  Villian shows QQ . . . and rivers the Q...  I'm crippled down to $1,600.  I shove 4 hands later with JJ and get called in two spots.  K falls on the turn and AK takes the pot and I hit the rail.  My earliest tournament exit of the year.

Long drive home back to DC this weekend . . .

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