Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Quick Update

Not much time to update the blog this week as the Poker Barrister is currently focusing on the barrister aspect of life, working on getting brief filed by January 3rd, thanks to opposing counsel who, apparently, timed their opening salvo to insure that the Barrister would be busy over the holidays drafting a response.

In any event, I did manage to stop by Harrah's AC both last Friday on the way home for Christmas, and then again Monday on my way back to DC.  Only played a total of three hours of poker, due in part to a lack of action.

Last Friday I played a quick 2 hour session, which was prematurely terminated in order to prevent me from committing the felony of aggravated assault.   In short, I was slow rolled twice by some mouth-breathing 60 year old local.  The first time, I limped with K T and villian called.  The flop was 8 T 2 with two hearts.  I bet $12 and he called.  Turn blanked and I checked.  He checked back.  River was a 2 of clubs, which did not appear to change anything.  Donk mouth-breather leads for $25.  I call.  Then I wait for him to show.  He stares at me.  Table is waiting.  Finally, I say "f*ck it," and show my hand.  This clown then stares at my hand . . . at the board . . . back to my hand . . . and finally tables 8 2 for the rivered two pair.    OK.  Maybe this guy is new to the game and doesn't realize he has to table first when he bets the river.

Twenty minutes later, we play a similar hand, and this jackass again refuses to show until I do and then slow rolls me again.  I'm starting to become pissed off.  But, again, I tell myself, "ok . . . maybe he just doesn't know the rules..."  Then, 10 minutes later, some young kid string bets and mouth-breathing assh*le jumps on him, yelling at the dealer, and calling the kid out on his string bet.  OK.  Now I'm livid because this mouth-breathing douchebag clearly knows what he's doing.  I mean, if you are gonna call smeone out on a string bet, you clearly know that when you are the last aggressor you are the one who shows your hand.   Maybe I should not have let the guy get to me;  but I did.  I figured it was better to just leave than to sit longer and tilt off my stack.  So I left with a meager $41 profit.

After I left the table at Harrah's, I went over to the Golden Nugget AC (the old Trump Marina).  It was the "grand opening" of the poker room.  It was far from "grand," unless of course you are impressed with one table running with three players.  Still, the room looks fairly nice, and the overall renovations are coming along.  The Nugget may end up being a respectable casino, much like its counterpart on Freemont Street.

Monday's trip to Harrah's was worse.  Finally got a chance to hit the poker tables around 9:00.  I get seated at a $1/2 table and recognize a couple of the players.  At first, I could not place them.  Turns out, two were dealers at Dover Downs and another guy was a dealer at Delaware Park.  Rounding out the table were two dudes waiting for a $2/5 game to get off and two older women peddling the nuts.  I opened to $10 with QQ . . . got the blinds, tipped the dealer, and made $2 . . .  A few minutes later I open with AJ and get the same result.   Lost a few hands where I bet air and was raised by one of the dealers.  Knowing this was not a very good table, I opted to leave after less than an hour. 

Well, assuming I can get this brief to the client by Friday, my plan is to hit Delaware Park this weekend and play three straight days.  Should be solid action (I believe this Sunday's noon $65 buy-in actually has a $7,500 guaranty).

Happy Holidays,


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  1. Hey Pete (Not sure if this is your real name),

    Long time reader, JP from Philly. You might have seen my posts/comments.

    I'm going to be in Baltimore this weekend (3/28) for a conference and am staying near the Shoe. Like you, I am a Cabernet Sauv (I've tried Opus One before and the the only difference between that and Stags Leap wast about $500...) and Fillet guy- and if they have the right caviar I'll go for it.

    And I also likely consume too many light beers, but it's fun and splashing around the table at 1-2 while consuming, or playing Video Poker is very cool.

    Interestingly, we're the same age (or at least close. I am 43), and have 'very' professional careers in the 38% tax bracket.

    I don't know any other way to reach you, except for a post, but this is buried in one of your first posts. If you want to email me, it's jonb (((at)))) donorperfect.com

    I know a few bloggers too, but they are mainly from the past except for one- people like Badblood, Andrew Brokos, and Pauly.

    If you are going to be at the Shoe this weekend, let me know.