Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Sunday $5000 Guaranty

Played the Sunday noon tournament at Delaware Park third week in a row.  Two weeks ago, I busted out with QQ against AK.  Last week, my pocket KK lost to villian's QQ when a queen hit the river.  This week, my luck was little changed.

The tournament drew 155 runners.  18 paid.  I met my fate shortly after the second break.  Blinds were $400 / $800 with $100 ante.  Average chip stack was $16,000 and I was sitting on $21,000.  I had been quiet for 15 minutes or so when I look down at KJ off in the hi-jack.  One early limper.  I raise to $2,200.  Button calls and blinds and limper fold.  Button has approximately $20,000 behind.

Flop comes 7d, 4c, Kd.

I lead for $4,100.  Button shoves for $17,000.  I call.

Button turns A Q diamonds and says, "nice call."  Always the kiss of death.

Turn blanks and the river is the 2 of diamonds.  Out at 61.

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