Sunday, January 22, 2012

Am I the Table ATM?

Yet another frustrating weekend.  I'm beginning to think I'm the table donkey.  For reals.  Yesterday I grinded a little under $200 profit over 6 hours, despite losing a large pot where I flopped top pair and a flush draw, and then rivered a K high flush on a K37 . . . Q . . Q board.  Villain had 33 and was ahead the whole time.  Bad river for me.  But, shit happens.

On to today.  I wake up at 9:30 and head over the the poker room at Charles Town.  Grab coffee, take a seat, and 20 minutes later, I'm stacked for a full buy-in.  Here's how it happened.

HAND 1:  Play along with this one and let me know your moves in the comment section:

It's my third hand dealt.  I'm UTG+2 with $295 behind and I look down at AA.  UTG limps and I raise to $12.  I get 5 callers, including UTG.

Flop ($75):  2h   6d  7c

UTG checks and I bet out $35.  It folds around to UTG who flats.

Turn ($145):  Qd

UTG checks and I bet $50.  UTG thinks a minute and flats.

River ($245).  Kd

UTG donk bets $85.

I tank.  I can't think of any hand I'm beating here, other than a bluff (busted str8t draw).  KK or QQ for a set doesn't make sense giving the preflop limp-call.  Back door flush makes no sense.  Maybe 66 or 77, but not sure he would have check called two streets with the straight draw out there.   Here's another example where I've created a bloated pot with nothing but a pair.  I find it hard to lay down to an $85 river bet with nearly $250 in the middle.  I call.  Villain turns 45 diamonds for the busted str8t draw / runner runner flush.   And just like that, I'm down $185.  Less than 10 minutes in, I'm on code red monkey tilt. 


Two hands later, sitting on $115 and on code red monkey tilt, I limp from the hijack with K8 spades.  We go 4 to the flop which comes Qs, 9h  3s.  I bet out $10 on the draw.  One caller.  Turn is 5c.  I bet out $20.  Villain calls.  River bricks.  I bet $45.  Villain tanks . . . and calls with 9 7.  Is my busted flush draw that obvious here?  Would I have taken a different line with QT of JQ off?  Or was I simply the victim of a fishy call?


$110 behind I limp from the button with 89 suited.  5 to the flop.

Flop comes Js Ts 3d.

I call $10 on the flop.

Turn is Qs.  I fold to a $35 bet and a call.   Long story short, original better had JQ and lost to broadway.  Good fold of my straight.  Still on full force tilt.


$100 behind.  I call $12 preflop in position with AT.  BB and UTG limp-call $12.  Flop comes K T 6.  Villain bets $20.  I call.  Turn blanks and Villain continues with $35.  I fold.

HAND 5 (le grande finale)

$60 behind.  I'm at the table for 20 minutes.  My jacket is still on and my coffee is still to hot too even drink.  I look down at TT in middle position.  I open for $15.  One caller.  Cutoff raises to $45.  Fuck it.  Money tilt shove for $45.  I mean, what the fuck's another $45 at this point, right?   After a fold, cutoff calls and tables QQ which turns into a set, which sends to to the door trying not to punch someone or something.

Another fun weekend of poker complete.   Played about 13 hours, and basically fell victim to two bad river calls (the AA above and the QQ from my prior post).  Both hands I was ahead until the river.  Both hands the Villains caught runner runner flushes.  Both hands, the Villains donk bet out big on the river.  Both hands, I knew I was beating nothing but a bluff.  But, both hands, the bloated pots and the fact that nothing in Villains range really made much sense, led me to bluff catch unsuccessfully.   End result, down $1,100 for the month and pretty discouraged.

Any comments are most welcome.



  1. Hand 1 - I would probably have checked the turn for pot control.

    Hand 2 - stop tilting, fold preflop - TAKE A WALK once you feel yourself mentally compromised.

    Hand 4 - Why are you calling $12 with AT? was it at least suited? I'll assume not since you didn't specify. If you are going to be in the hand re-raise it or fold.

    Hand 5 - At this point nothing you can do. You have a good pair and you are going the whole way with it. No way you can get him off your hand and he can't get you off yours with $60 to start.

  2. Thanks Grouchie. I assume you are calling the river on hand 1?

    And yes, I was on major tilt after hand 1. Not because of the hand (which sucked); but more generally, as it seems I'm getting rivered at every turn lately.

    Think I need to focus more on pot control. And, my shortstack game needs major work Once I get under $100, I feel like I'm just giving chips away. I feel like I need to rebuy or else I'm just gonna donk off my remaining stack. But, those $50's and $75's add up quickly.

    Thanks again!

  3. Yes - in that situation it's ugly but it's a call.
    You can't just assume he backed into the flush lol. You'd be playing too much like Tony :)

    Also, i know exactly how you feel. I'm either a real big fish at the poker tables or I just run more horrible than anyone I know.

    The truth is out there (cue creepy music)

  4. hand 1 - bet more turn - lolwtf at that bet sizing. as played, river easy call (would be nice to know how deep villain was, I assume effective stax 295? in which case you need to bet that fuckin turn card like a pimp, non of this lol third pot bet sheeeeeiiiit)

    hand 2 - fold pre, no ifs buts or maybes

    hand 3 - reload to a full buy in b4 the hand is dealt, tough to say without reads but dont be results orientated

    hand 4 - reload, lol at putting 1/3 stack in and folding.

    hand 5 - 30bb aipf with TT is about as standard as getting herpes off a hooker when you dont use a condom. RELOAD AND PLAY POKER.

    gl sir, FBoy

  5. PS dont get desperate as in "OMFG I ONLY HAS 50 BIGS LEFT".....say "dealer I'm adding on $100".

    cashpoker is a long ass game, so what your stack falls from 100bb-40bb, 40bb still from your roll, treat it with some fucking respect xD


  6. P3 -

    Hand 3 was a pretty amazing fold. I would never have put someone on broadway in a limped pot - I would have lost a lot on that hand.

    I don't mind the limp on Hand 2 - if you know the table is limpy, you can really do some mining there and you have good position. Pretty crazy call, but your bet was pretty big for this game (it seems) and may have been a sizing tell - it certainly wasn't a valute bet size. However, most 1/2 players aren't really paying attention that well and it may have just been a calling station.

    Hand 4 was icky...rough spot even if the A flopped...i agree it's a raise/fold.

    Hand 5 - you were tilting :-) Happens to us all.

    You've had some run-bad, that's for sure. It will even out.


  7. Thanks, s.i. . . It's wednesday, and I'm ready for this weekend to make some of the losses back! Took a day or so to really get off tilt . . .