Saturday, January 21, 2012

Brought my shovel to The Chuck

Dug the hole deeper tonight in a 7 hour session at Charlestown. Was down $100 or so most of the night, due to a few moves that did not work. Finally grinded back to even after about 5 hours. 6 hours in, I'm sitting on $305 when I look down at QQ in the small blind. Middle position (an older rock) bets it to $10. I re-raise my queens to $31. The big blind flats (young, Asian kid who had been making moves and some questionable calls...his stack was up to $1000 plus earlier when he was hitting everything. He was down under $300 at the start of this hand). Old rock comes along. Flop comes 2 clubs, 5 diamonds, 9 diamonds. I bet out $45. kid calls, rock folds. Pot is starting to get bloated ($180 or so). Turn is a club brick. I check and kid bets $55. I call. Pot is $300. River is the K clubs. Before I can even act, kid shoves out of turn. It costs me $151 to call. I have no real read, though a missed diamond draw feels about right. I tank and eventually call. Kid flips AQ clubs for the rivered flush. Makes sense. I mean, I'm playing TAG all night, so my three bet from the small blind couldn't possibly be a big pair. And, my $45 on a 9 high flop couldn't be an over pair. Surely, his call with two overs makes sense. Just the same, his $55 bet on the turn with the overs and a back door flush makes sense.

Finished the hand with 33 left. Tripled up a few hands later with TT all in pre flop. Left down $199.

Rough night all around. Had a run early on with AA, QQ and JJ in a 5 hand stretch. I got the AA on the botton... It folded around so I limped and the blinds came along. Flopped a set. It checked around. I bet $6 on the turn .... Fold... Fold.

Two hands later I bet $10 with QQ. Flop a set against one caller (two diamonds). I bet it and he folds.

Two hands later I raise to $10 with JJ and take the blinds. Made a solid $14 with JJ and flopped sets of AAA and QQQ. That kind of night.

Down just under $1,000 for the year with 20 hours played. Clearly running bad. Might also have to focus a bit more on pot control, as it seems like I've been losing lots of big pots.

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  1. lol at open limping AA otb

    in the QQ hand you beat nothing but AQdd or AJdd and I think the turn he may even chk bk for a freebie

    he has a whole lotta sets in his range and big aces inc AK that didnt want to 4b/fold or 4b/call and called your flop 1/2pot cbet with overs and position planning to rep diamonds/float take it off you.

    OTR u really beat nothing so is an easy fold