Friday, January 27, 2012

Closing in on the Bell

It's Friday.  Almost quitting time.  Time to (briefly) forget about discovery disputes . . . motions . . . status conferences . . . and trials set for May.   I've almost fully recovered from last Sunday morning's painful 25 minute stacking.  I'm ready for some poker.

This weekend, it's back to Delaware Park.  I figure, what better place to break my current downswing than the place where I've never - NEVER - turned a winning session (unless, of course, you count that one session last month where I got stacked for $300, rebought for $300, and cashed out $608 . . . I'm not counting that $8 as a win . . . a moral victory, perhaps . . .  but not a win).

My mind is focused - T.A.G. . . . Position . . . Pot Control . . . I think I'm ready.  We'll see....

Good luck to those hitting the tables this weekend!



  1. Good luck at the tables.

    I'm hoping my year turns around in a good way when I play the tourney Saturday.
    Erase my negative and end the month with a positive, that would be f'n lovely.