Saturday, January 28, 2012

Finally, a Win at The Del

Played from 9:30 to midnight last night. First two hours I saw just about every combination of sh*t imaginable. Tried not to get too "creative" and to just wait for good spots. Really only took down one legitimate pot during this time - four people called a $4 button straddle and I repopped to $18 with KQ suited. 3 callers. Flop came J high and I fired $40 when it checked around and took it down. Easy game.

Then came my "rush"... I was sitting on $330 in the small blind when I looked at 66. UTG+2 made it $6 to go. Fate. I flat along with 4 others and see a flop of 7Q6 rainbow. This hand is clearly meant to be . . . I lead out for $10 and get min-raised by UTG+2. He has about $130 behind and I want all of it. I flat, the rest fold. Turn is a 4. I lead for $30. UTG+2 calls. River bricks and I shove out a stack of $150 to put Villain all in. He snaps and tables QT. Really? No complaints here (aside from the fact that he did not rebuy).

The very next hand, an old reg gets stacked by pocket rockets. He rebuys for $200. Chip runner is still in motion when the old reg opens the next pot for $12. It folds around and I look down at AQ off in the hijack. I had folded AQ my last trip to the small blind when the cutoff three bet to $18. This time I'll play. I flat. Flop comes AJ3. Old reg gets his new chips and bets $15. Call. Turn is 7. He bets $20. Call. River bricks. He bets $30. AK and AJ are certainly within his range, but there's no way I'm doing anything but calling here. He tables KK and I take it down. Another questionable play - were my Villains just trying to give me their chips? Not sure, don't care.

Two hands later I look down at AA on the button. My thoughts immediately turn to last Sunday morning. A raise to $10 and a call from the hijack. I'm not fooling around. Re-raise to $30. Blinds and two initial players fold and I take it without a flop. A $23 win beats a $180 loss when 54 hits running diamonds for the flush....

I walked shortly thereafter with a nice profit and my first win at Delaware Park.

It's now saturday morning. Heading out for a quick run (to counterbalance the 10 hours I plan to spend sitting tossing cards), and then it's back to the grind.