Saturday, January 7, 2012

Full Blown Money Tilt

Posting from the Sheraton Bar after a brutal evening.

The day started out well enough. Got to Dover at 11:00 am and went straight to the poker room. Ran well and within an hour and fifteen minutes I had doubled up to $600 and was in the black for the new year. After watching the early NFL and grabbing dinner, I headed back to the poker room and bought in for $300. Two hours later, I was stacked and hadn't won so much as a hand. Everything I played was a loser.

1. Played J9 in position early on. Flop comes JTK. I call $15. Turn is a J. I call $20. River is a 3. Villain bets $20. I raise to $50. He calls and shows AQ for the flopped broadway. Dude limped with AQ from middle position. Ok.

2. I played AQ 5 times and lost each time. 0-5. My favorite went like this: middle position open raises to $15. My friend, the AQ limper, calls. I'm in the big blind and don't want to see a flop. I three bet to $65. Initial raiser calls. Mr. Limp tanks and then 4 bets $100 on top. I fold in disgust. Open raiser calls. Flop is J-high and limpy bets $200. After the fold, he shows KK.

3. My turn for Cowboys. I raise to $12 and get three callers. Flop comes A high. I continue for $25 and monster stack flats. I give up the lead and big stack bets $50. Fold.

4. AJ .... After three call $10 I flat in position. Flop comes TJK. It checks around and cutoff bets $35. I call with middle pair and the gunshot broadway draw. The turn blanks and we check. The river is a T and I shove for $112. Villain gives the speech about being beat and donating and, of course, calls with AK and I'm out kicked and stacked.

5. I rebuy and am sitting on $310 after another 35 minutes or so. I look down at Q9 clubs. UTG opens for $15 and gets 6 callers. Getting good odds, I call and hope for a miracle flop. Flop comes k99. Bingo. UTG leads out for $45. Cutoff calls and I call. Turn is an A. seems like a perfect card. Cutoff bets $50. I raise to $125. Cutoff shoves. I have him
covered by $78. I call, hoping he turned top 2. Instead, he shows K9. I grab my last $78 and bolt.

Dug the hole a bit deeper on the young year. Down about $500. I actually think I'm going to pick up in the morning and drive into work to bill a few hours. Sounds better than grinding again in the am.

Next weekend is the annual gentlemen's weekend to AC to celebrate MLK day. It will probably be more blackjack degeneracy than poker, which, at this point, is probably a good thing.

Well, pulling for a Saint's win by 9 or less (have the game middled). One week left of Delaware NFL betting. It's been a nice option this year. Hopefully the day will come when Jersey gets on board. Based on the turnout in Delaware for shitty teaser/parlay betting, full blown wagering in Jersey would be AC's savior


  1. sounds like a brutal beginning to your year and I feel your pain.
    I'm in the hole for the year and it's not looking pretty thus far.

    It will turn around though, just keep putting in the hours and you'll recover.

  2. Thanks, sir. And good luck to you !