Sunday, January 8, 2012

Monkey Tilt Sunday (Day Two)

Woke up this morning in Dover, with all intentions of heading to work for a few hours.   Quickly, I talked myself into trying to get right at the tables.  Where better to get back on track than Charles Town.  The Chuck.  After a three hour drive, I was sat almost immediately just before noon.

Got sat in the three seat at Table 22.  Immediately, I recalled why it had been 4 months since I had visited my "hometown" card room.  The room at Charles Town, for those who have never been, consists of two long rows of tables with a row of support beams inbetween.  Seat three at Table 22 backed into a support beam.  Like, directly.  I could not even sit directly behind the cupholder.  There was no room between the table and the column.  Well designed, Penn National . . . well designed (on the bright side, Charles Town will be opening a second poker room this summer, which will be in a much better location . . .).

Trying not to let my seat location put me on tilt before the cards do,  I focus on the felt.  40 minutes later, I'm stacked....

Several notworthy hands led to my demise:

HAND 1: I look down at QQ in the hijack.  I had taste-tested a few pots, but had not gotten involved in any real hands up to this point.  Sitting on appr. $280.  It limps around and I raise to $12.  Two callers.  Flop comes 596 rainbow.  Big blind checks, and I bet $25.  Two calls.  Here we go.  Turn is a 9.  BB checks.  I bet $45.  Button shoves for $130.  Big Bind calls.  I fold.  Button has A9 and BB has 9T . . . river is a T and BB sucks out.  I'm down $100 . . .

HAND 2:  I look don at Q8 spades and decide to get frisky.  I limp with 6 others.  Flop comes 62A, all spades.  Jackpot.  I lead for $5 . . . two callers.  Turn is 7 Diamonds.  I lead for $15 . . . two callers.  River is J spades.  Not the best card, but only the K spades has me beat.  I lead for $20.  Old man min-raises $40.  Of course, I'm not folding for $20.  I call.  Old man shows the K spades for the rivered nutz, and I'm down $160 twenty minutes in.

HAND 3:  AA under the gun.  I raise to $12.  4 calllers.  Welcome to Charles Town.  Flop comes 659, two clubs. I lead for $35.  Call, fold, fold . . . table big stack raises to $75.  I only have about $90 left.  Big Stack can easily be on a draw.  I shove.  Middle position calls and three of us see the turn.  Big Stack flips 78 for the flopped straight.  Stacked for $300 in 40 minutes with QQ, AA and a flopped Q-high flush.

Sunday morning monkey tilt in full force.  REBUY.

Won a few hands after the rebuy. JJ on an A high flop.  I showed no fear and lead out and took it down.  AQ in the cutoff.  A $5 under the gun straddle and six limpers.   I raise to $22 and get 6 callers.  Flop is AT9 rainbow.  It checks around, I bet $65 and take it down.  AQ in the big blind.  Cut off raises to $17.  I call with 3 others.  Flop is A56.  It check around to cutoff who bets out $55.  Bad spot.  Can't call $17 out of position and fold to a flop bet when you hit your card.  I figure a raise is best.  I pop to $130 and take it down.  Finally, something works !  Next hand I have KK, raise to $12 from the Button and get 6 callers.  Love Charles Town.  Flop is A6J.  Checks around.  Turn is a 6.  Old man bets $18.  Folds around.  He shows a 6.  Yeah; makes sense.

I bluff off $60 or so when the following hand takes place (COMMENTS WELCOME):
  • I look down at K9 diamonds.  About the 4th time this afternoon I find a suited K.  I limp from the cutoff and go three to the flop.  One of the three is the table Big Stack.  This is the same guy who cracked my AA with a flopped str8ght.  Also, he recently check-raised another player with a huge $175 bet with Quad 8888.  In short, when he has raised, he has had it.  Flop is QTT with two diamonds.  Table short stack bets $12 and I call along with Big Stack.  Turn the 9 of diamonds, giving me the flush.  Short stack shoves $30.  I call.  Big Stack repops to $125.  What do you do here???  I'll post the rest of the hand in the comment section . . .
Two and a half hours in, and I'm hovering on a $325 stack (down $275).  In the cutoff, I look down at KK.  Great.  Anxious to see how I can lose KK this time.  Two limpers and I raise to $12.  Button, who had just joined the table, re-raises to $30.  UTG and MP limp-call the $30.  LOVE CHARLES TOWN.  I tank.  I'm raising.  It's just a matter of how much.   At a poker room with rational players, I prolly repop to $150.   But its Charles Town.  After some thought, I decide a shove is best.  I move all in for $300 on top.  Button folds (I was worried most about him).  UTG thinks a bit (good . . . no rockets . . .), and eventually calls all-in for $270.  MP folds (she had QQ).  Pot is just under $700.  Flop comes QK7, two hearts.  So far, so good.  Turn is the A.  Here we go . . .  Mercifully, river blanks and my set of KKK beats villians AK, two pair.  Back in the black . . . .  I politely play a few more hands and rack it up.  I needed to book a win for my mental health.

Another losing weekend.  But, I prefer to think of myself as being on a heater . . .

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  1. With respect to my K-high flush . . . Villian had re-raised twice before, both times with the absolute nutz. Pot was limped preflop. But, QT made sense. A Rag diamonds was also possible. I'm not calling. I'm shoving or folding. I decided to give him credit for his raise. I folded. He showed a 7 high flush. Fun times. Apparenty, I only call when I'm beat . . .