Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year, Fresh Start

Spent New Year's Eve weekend playing poker in Delaware.  I needed 10 hours of cash to hit my goal of 200 hours for the year.  Friday night, I played 4 hours and dropped $165.  Frankly, I don't even recall how I lost (I may or may not have began the evening at the local Appleby's Bar . . .).

Saturday morning, I got up and decided to drive to Dover Downs to play a few hours.  When I arrived, the room was dead - a lone $1/2 table and two tables for the noon tournament.  But, after about 30 minutes, they started a new $1/2 table 5 handed.  We were full within 20 minutes.  Walked away after 3.5 hours with a $141 profit and headed back to Del Park.

After a quick three mile run and dinner at Appleby's (if you've never been to Christiana, Delaware, dinning options are limited.  Also, I still find it sick that dinner and 3 "tall" beers costs less than $20 . . .), I played another 4 hours of $1/2.   Started out well enough . . . built up a quick $70 profit . . . and then lost my entire stack on a questionable hand.  I had AK out of position.  I opened the action with a raise to $10.  After one caller, middle position repopped to $25.  We both call.  Flop comes AKJ.  I checked, woman checked, and original three-bettor bets out $50.  I decide to play my two pair fast and repop to $150.  Woman folds and dude shoves without hesitation.  He has me covered.  There is $375 in the middle and it costs me another $185 to call.  I'm beating AJ and chopping AK.  Otherwise, there prolly is not much else that this dude is shoving with that I can beat.  I call.  Still not sure why, other than the fact that the pot was huge.  Not the best poker rationale.  Of course, villian flips JJ and I'm rebuying.

I built my rebuy back to about $480 and left down $120 for the night (slight profit for the day, factoring in Dover).

Finished the year with exactly 200 hours played and a meager $765 profit (after tips, rake, etc., of course . . .).  I guess it beats losing.  And it gives me a nice baseline for improvement in 2012....

Speaking of 2012 . . . started the year off with a quick drive up 295 to Chester, PA (outside Philly) to the Harrah's Chester.  My first trip there.  Casino is actually pretty nice (at least compared to the Delaware joints).  I had stopped by Del Park first thing in the morning to get some NFL action down, so I spent some time at Harrah's in the sports bar watching games.  F*ck you, Rex Ryan . . . F*ck you, Santonio Holmes . . . F*ck you, Mark Sanchez.  At least I have the Mets to look forward to in a few months (god, life is depressing . . .).   

Anyway, I didn't play any poker at Chester.  Instead, I spent a little while just crushing the Devil's Game.  Two monster hands -- one Dueces Wild, one Joker Poker -- had me up $500 in a matter of minutes:

Sunday night, I went back to Del Park for the first $1/2 session of the year and quickly dug a $200 hole.  Flopped a set of 99's early on, on a 9-high flop, two diamonds.  I decided to fast play it heads up - bet 3/4 pot on the flop . . . 3/4 pot bet on the turn . . . guys calls both.  River is the 4 of diamonds.  No way this old reg is calling me on the draw.  I bet out $75 and he shoves $85 on top.  Seriously?  I call, still refusing to believe he was drawing.  He shows KQ diamonds, drawing the entire time.  F*ck you, 2012.  Thirty minutes later I flop top pair with KQ on an 8, Q 3 flop.  Heads up, I bet the flop and get called . . . I bet the turn and get called.  The river is a 5 and we check it down.  Dude turns over 85 for a rivered two-pair.  I stuck it out another 2.5 hours, but could not get anything going.  Hate starting the year in the red.

After my Sunday losing session, I went back over my notes.  Over the past year and a half, I've never had a winning session at Delaware Park.  Zero for ten.  Not sure how to explain that.  There are some decent players there, and it's tougher than Charlestown, for sure.  But, there are usually some soft spots at the table as well.  It doesn't feel any tougher a game than Borgata or Harrah's AC.  Perhaps just a statistical anomoly.


  1. I've played in harrahs Chester a couple of times. I like that poker room probably because both sessions were winning ones.

  2. Yeah, a winnin session typically helps your perspective on a room. Then again, I still love Del park and have never once beat the game there. The real gamble at Chester is not getting car jacked on the way out !