Monday, January 30, 2012

Sunday Drive

Woke up Sunday morning at Delaware Park and was committed to driving straight in to work for a few hours.  But then I thought about it.  And I decided that plan sucked.  It's Sunday.  Why bill hours if you can play some more poker.  So, it was off to Charles Town.

I pulled into the Chuck at 1:15 and got on "The List."  20 people were waiting on the $1/2, but they opened two new tables rather quickly, and I was seated within 15 minutes.  Determined not to give back my weekend winnings, I was focused on continuing to keep a tight opening range . . . playing good position . . . betting aggressively on the hands I played . . . and keeping any double (or triple barrel) bluffs in my pocket. 

After getting down $40 or so, I worked my way back to the black.  Nothing very interesting . . . just a couple of small pots here and there.  About an hour in, I was dealt A5d . . .  I limped from the botton and saw a flop of A, 9 8 (two diamonds) along with two other folks.  Early position lead the flop for $10.  One call, and I call.  Turn blanks and early position pots it for $35.  After a fold, I muck face up and get several comments: "how could you lay that down?"  Um.  Pretty easy.  I don't think my A is any good.  Aces up (should I hit a 5) may not even be good.  I'm 18% to catch the nut flush, and I have next to zero implied odds as the original bettor only has about $40 behind (assuming he'd even commit so much as a single chip if the diamond comes on the river).  Pretty standard lay down.

Session ultimately came down to one big hand.  After six limpers, the action gets to me on the button and I look down at Big Slick, suited . . . I raise to $12, content on seeing a flop and laying it down if I miss.  It's Charles Town, meaning a raise to $25 would still likely get 4 or 5 callers.  And a continuation bet would be lucky to narrow the field in half.  So, I make a modest raise and prepare to let the hand go.

Flop comes JQ7 rainbow.  It checks around and I check.  Turn is the T clubs (putting the second club out).  It checks around and I bet $35.  One caller - a middle-aged luck box who had sucked out no less than 3 times in two hours and had built a four-figure stack based on such poker savy.  River is a red 8.   Very hard to narrow down Villain's range.  He could have two pair or he could have as little as a Q.  Pot is approximately $120.  I decide the best way to get value here is to over bet the pot and make it look bluffy -- like a pair and a missed club draw.  I count out $150 and slide the stack foward.  Villain quickly calls and tables K9 for the lower straight.  I definately did not think he was that strong . . .   Given Villain's stack size, I prolly could have shoved my last $100 or so and still gotten snapped.  Still, a solid hand.  The result also confirmed my thought process all weekend long -- that playing marginal hands will lead to nothing but trouble.  Here, Villain limp-calls $12 out of position with K 9 off.  He ends up turning the straight and, as his reward, loses over $200 on the hand.... 

Overall, it was a very successful weekend.  I was down over $1,000 for the month heading into Friday evening.  I cut the deficit in half.  Played just under 40 hours for the Month . . .  On to February . . .


  1. Nice hit, P3! Always nice to have a 5benjamin run :-)

    You've had your share of runbad...I think you just may be due for some cards.


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