Friday, February 17, 2012

Golden Nugget Deepstack

It's sort of beyond argument that the Golden Nugget is the jewel of Freemont Street (although, that's probably a bit like being crowned "prettiest girl" at the American MENSA Ball).  Currently owned by Landry's Restaurants, The Nugget is actually a pretty cool place, and has been nicely renovated. 

Recently, Landry's bought the old Trump Marina in Atlantic City.  Trump Marina was a dump, to put it mildly.  Now known as the Golden Nugget AC, Landry's has been steadily renovating the joint, giving it a feel similar to its property on Freemont Street.  Notably, Landry's added a poker room.  It's actually a decent set up.  The room has, however, been lacking in one area -- players.  I walked over from Harrah's opening night to check out the space, and there was a lone table playing three-handed.  Apparently, things have not improved since.  Many nights, not a single game runs.   I guess it ain't easy running a new poker room in the shadow of The Borgata.

Well, apparently, the Nugget is getting proactive in its efforts to build the room.  This weekend, it's hosting what looks like a couple of great tournaments.  Structure looks fantastic:

It will be interesting to see the turnout.  Especially since Delaware Park is running a Deepstack series this weekend as well.  I will definitely be buying in to tomorrow's event . . . 

Well, a few motions to file this afternoon, and then its zooooom to the Jersey Shore . . .

Wishing a dose of rungood to those playing this weekend


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  1. P3 -

    Not playing this weekend? I thought I would be having a weekend full of poker, but ended up parenting instead (which is still pretty fun). Hope to play next weekend.

    Got yelled at by Tony for not playing with him this weekend. Pretty funny :-)