Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Nothing Doing

Sorry for the lack of updates.  Nothing new to report, really . . . Work continues to be my bad beat . . .  I've been getting in at 7:00am and leaving at 8:00 or 9:00 pm.  At the moment, it's summary judgment motions.  We had just gotten done opposing a bunch of motions the first two weeks of February which were due the 10th.  That night, after the last briefs were filed, I took off for AC late in the evening.  By the time I rolled into Showboat and checked my e-mail, Villain had filed 4 new SJ motions, all of which are due this Friday.  And, once these oppositions are filed, it will be time to hit the road for depositions (all told, it looks like 23 during March /April).  Not looking forward to that.

What I am looking foward to is hitting the tables again this weekend.  I was planning on heading to AC to play the Nugget's Saturday noon tounament.  But I'm not sure I'll have the energy to drive up to AC Friday night, or the will to donk off some cash at BJ or VP at Harrah's, which is sort of necessary to keep the comped / semi-comped rooms coming.  So, instead, it's back to Delaware Park.  This Saturday, Del Park is running its monthly $340 tourny ($25,000 guaranty).  $20,000 starting stacks and 30 minute levels.  I plan to play that event, and then, depending when I go busto, either the regular 7:00 pm or the 10:00 pm deepstack turbo.  And then, Sunday, it will be the regular noon tournament.  Eventually, I'll get back to the cash games; but, for the moment, the tournaments have proven fun.  Plus, I need the experience in the event I choose to play a WSOP event or two this summer.

Happy Wednesday, PPP


  1. Good luck at the tourney.
    Nothing beats experience, or so I'm told.

    Hopefully there is a break in work that allows you to have a slight amount of free time in the near future - only being able to sleep between work shifts sure does burn you out after awhile.

  2. Remember, the work will always be there long after you are gone. You only live once.

    Good luck in the tournament. And ... sometimes I think the best practice for the WSOP is bending down and grabbing your ankles ...