Thursday, March 8, 2012

How do YOU Play this?

Played two tournaments at Del Park last Saturday, and didn't come close to a cash in either.  The first was the noon $340.  I was card dead (like, 74o, Q7o, J2o, T6o card dead . . .) for nearly the entire event.  And my table had a lot of seemingly decent players.   No limped pots, and lots of re-raising.  It was hard to even find a spot to make a move.  Of course, this could be because I suck at poker . . .  I got blinded down to $7,000 chips with blinds at $400 / $800, and decided to just shove shit since I really wanted to take a food break and get back in time for the 7:00 pm....

As for the 7:00, I busted out at $50/$300/$600 with the chip average at $24,000.  Here's the hand:

It's only the 5th hand or so I've played at this table after getting moved by the floor.  No reads on anyone.

Villain 1: $16,000 on the button
Villain 2: $22,000 in small blind
Hero (that's me): $18,000 in the big blind, with AA

First premium hand I've had all night.  Action folds around to the button who limps for $600.  Small blind kicks in another $300.  I debate repopping.  But, the blinds are starting to get high, and I decide to try and play a big pot to position myself for a decent run.  I flat.

Flop comes 3, T 7 rainbow.

Small blind bets $1,200 . . . I call . . . button raises to $3,000 . . . small blind re-raises all in ($20,000 or so).

What's the move?


  1. This is ugly - especially because of the pre flop action.

    Had you put in a raise somewhere it's easy to say get the money all in now and go with it.

    However, having a random button limp and the small blind in there with any two cards it's pretty tough.
    Either of them could have a set her (more so button) and T7 or 89 are real possibilities.

    If you feel like you can play longer and wait to get some more hands to try to build your stack probably just go away - but this is your first real hand in 2 tournaments - if you are getting impatient and want to gamble I get it all in and hope for the best and to gain a rather large chip stack.....

    I'm leaning towards folding but my "in the moment" brain is saying push and pray

  2. Yeah. That about sums it up. I snap called and got to look at SB's pocket 33's. Total roll of the dice as there's really not much I'm beating aside from a semi-bluff with a hand like KT.

  3. raise preflop:
    1. you have AA the best hand in pohka
    2. you have 30bb, raise it up, plenty of room to play postflop still
    3. sb most likely has any two cards coz he feels "lolpricedin"
    4. you have no idea where you are in respect of their ranges and really no idea what flop you want
    5. raising in this spot looks like a perfect spot for a steal - btn limp, sb complete (both look uber weak) if they are remotely thinking they may even try n play back. also btn could have a big hand and "loldidnt wana fold out the blinds"

    as played you gotta fold, it stinx but 30bbs 3 handed with one purr and zero reads, ye they could hav tp and be spastics but you dunno do u?

    raise pre


  4. I call. And bust.