Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A Day in the Life of the Poker Barrister

Act 1: Take flight from Dulles to Denver.

Act 2: Rent car and drive from Denver to Fort Collins, Co.

Act 3: Arrive at Fort Collins and read email from opposing counsel re: "flights from Dallas cancelled due to tornadoes. Deposition cancelled."

Act 4: Drink a beer at hotel bar.

Act 5: Book 8:00 am flight back to DC in the morning...


  1. No degenerate poker playing before the trip home?

  2. Ha! Thought about driving out to Blackhawk. Actually, ended up working the situation out at the last minute, and was in Colorado / Wyoming until Friday. Did manage to suck it up and head to AC when I got back east Friday night (that's pretty degenerate, I think!). Checked out the new Revel in AC. Should have a trip report up today....