Friday, April 20, 2012

The End of Poker . . .

 . . . at least for a while . . .

Trial is now only a few short weeks away.  Heading to Denver May 7th for one last week of prep, followed by a two-week jury trial beginning the 14th.  Frankly, I'm looking forward to it.  Being a lawyer is typically nothing like its portrayed on TV.  It's not exciting.  It's a lot research and writing and sitting around an office for twelve hours a day.  So, opportunities to actually try a case come few and far between.  The downside, however, is that I will not have time for poker until Memorial Day.  I'll live.  Hopefully.

In non-poker news . . . it's been a busy week; but a good week.  Sunday, I made my first trip to National's Park:

National's Park is simply mediocre to me (much like Citi Field).  It's big; it's shiny; but it ain't special.  The best parts of the park are the various areas where you can stand against the rails and watch the game.  My favorite is along the first base line (where I took the above picture from).  I typically buy the cheapest seat possible, and just stand and watch the game from elsewhere.  More money to spend on $8.50 Coors Lites . . .

Monday morning brought an 8:00 am flight to Houston, Texas for depositions.  The best part about Houston is leaving.  And so, Tuesday night, I was happy to be on a flight once again to Colorado . . . for more depositions.  It was my first trip to Colorado Springs.  Cool, old, town tucked back against the Rockies.  It was hard to conduct a deposition with this view outside the window:

Depositions ended around 4:00 pm Wednesday, and I made haste for Denver, trying to catch 6:40 first pitch at Coors field:

Second week of the season; three ballparks visited.  Not a bad start to the season.



  1. So I know you can't be too specific, but what kind of case are you trying? Will we see an episode of TV "ripped from the headlines" of your case?

  2. I have a lawyer buddy in PA who agree's that the job is mostly boring - However, you love poker and Law and both are horribly boring and you continue to survive lol.

    Good luck, break a leg, snap a pencil, however it is y'all like to be wished well

  3. I used to work in law but literally wanted to kill myself.

    The job took over my life. I took a salary drop, left law and I am now very happy.


  4. I know the feeling . . . Spent 10 years working for "big law" . . . It was soul-sucking... Got to the point where I did not really give a sh*t; somehow, I never got canned (despite multiple years of <1800 billable hours). Fortunetly, our small group left last November and broke out on our own, which has been nice (assuming we are not all out on the street in 6 months . . .).

    As for he trial . . . boring insurance coverage dispute between big companies which will definately not be turned into a TNT movie . . .

    And, @ grrouchie . . . I believe the phrase is, indeed, "snap a pencil" . . . Haven't had time to check out your blog the past week or so . . . Hope the crap[s] is going well !

  5. Gotta let me know if your legal dealings take you to the Windy City. Sounds like catching a Cubs or White Sox game with you and chatting about poker would be a hoot. I'll even spring for some mashed potatoes!