Saturday, April 14, 2012

Saturday Night Straight Talk

The scene: Delaware Park, Saturday night.

The set up: the 10:00 pm deep stack turbo. $20,000 starting stacks; 15 minute levels

The situation: blinds $1,500 / $3,000. The Poker Barrister has chipped up to $90,000. Chip average is $42,000.

The hand: the Poker Barrister is in the cutoff. Small stack limps for $3,000 and gets called by the chip leader (sitting on over $200,000). The Poker Barrister RAISES to $10,000. Small stack calls. Chip leader re-raises to $40,000. The Poker Barrister shoves. Small stack folds. Chip leader calls. Hero and Chip Leader flip 'em:

Poker Barrister: AA
Chip leader: AJ off

The Flop: 8T9 rainbow.
The Turn: 7
The River: Q

Really? Fuck you, poker.


P.S. how about that Jon Niese? LET'S GO METS!


  1. The chip leader risks almost half his stack pre-flop with a hand like that? Unless you had been playing like a total LAG why would he do that? Even then that would be a crappy play.

    What a way to hit the rail. The smoke must have been shooting out your ears. Being an attorney, wouldn't you speculate that a homicide would be justified?

  2. The only explanation I can think of - a few hands before I folded top pair on a fairly benign board to an all in on the river. And I showed. I had just moved to the table. So, perhaps he thought I would not risk my tournament in that spot? I guess after he repopped to $40,000, he was committed to the hand...

  3. He was thinking "I haz two cards"

    unlucky man


  4. Results suck, but you're not folding aces... Better luck next time...