Sunday, April 1, 2012

Weekend Review

Played about 16 hours of cash and a tournament this weekend and, generally, continued to run bad.  Friday night, I found myself down a little over half a buy-in and starting to get tilty.  Actually, I was totally on tilt.  I ended up playing A6 from middle position -- a totally tilt move -- and backed myself into a triple-up.  Flop was 4 A T (two diamonds) and I check-called $16 against two players.  Yes, fantastic move.  Turn was a 6 giving me "Aces Up."  I checked.  Initial aggressor bets bets $25 and gets a call.  I shove for my last $125 or so and get called in both spots -- A 4 and a flush draw.  River blanks and I stack my chips.  I wasn't proud; but I'll take the money.

Saturday saw some gross set-ups.  The first was during an afternoon session.  I get AA under the gun and raise to $12.  UTG+1 raises to $25 and gets a call from the hijack.  It comes back around to me and I repop to $100.  UTG+1 tanks and calls (hijack folds).  Flop comes K 6 T.  Fuck.  I check and Villain quickly shoves.  Could he make this play with QQ or AK?  Possibly.  But the way the hand played out, it really felt like KK.  I tank and muck my rockets face up.  Villain graciously shows his cowboys.  I guess this hand is a win for me . . .

I entered the 7:00pm donkament Saturday night.   $65 buy-in, $7,500 chips, twenty-minute levels . . .  During the second round (blinds $100 / $200), I'm down to $7,000 chips and get QQ in middle position.  I raise to $550.  Cutoff calls and big blind shoves for $4,500 or so.  I call.  Cutoff, who had just doubled up with AA against KK, shoves all in.  I call.   Big blind is making a move with his 78 hearts, and cut off called with K T off.  Yes, he called $7,000 in level two with K T off.   And, of course, anyone who's played a day's worth of poker knows how this story ends . . . with a K on the flop.  It's not even 7:40 and I'm headed back to the cash game . . .

My evening session was no better.  It started with another brutal set up.  I look down at QQ in the big blind.  It limps around 6 ways and I repop to $25.  Under the gun -- a young, aggressive, good player, who has his chips in a rack ready to cash out -- repops to $85.  He's a solid TAG player  . . . he's racked up and ready to roll . . . he sees me raise from the big blind . . . and he limp-raises to $85.  I'm not fooling for this at all.  I fold, again face up into the muck.  Young gun flashing me his cowboys and mucks . . .

I was hanging around, despite having generally bad luck.  In fact, I managed to get up over $100.  And then I threw my entire profit away on a triple barrel bluff with AQ.  I raised to $12 preflop and got one caller -- an older guy who couldn't shut the f*ck up about how he plays $2/5 normally and yada, yada, yada . . .  Flop comes down  2 7 3.  I lead out for $18.  He calls.  Turn is an 8.  I fire my second barrel ($32).  He calls.  River blanks and I fire my third bullet -- $56, trying to make it look valuey.  Villain calls.  I flip A-high.  He slow rolls his 8 T off.  What?  He floats the flop with 8 T off?  Then he catches his 8 and calls two streets with a pair of eights?  OK.  Good hand, I guess.

I ended up getting my money back from "Mr. $2/5" about twenty-minutes later, when I played JJ as an over pair to the flop in the exact same way I played the AQ hand.  Once again, villain called a preflop raise and three streets.  This time, he mucked when I tabled jacks. 

My downfall was flopping 4 open-ended str8t draws.  Each time, we went four or six to the flop.  Each time, someone made smallish $10 to $15 flop and turn bets, which were called in several spots.  So, I chased.  And failed to hit a single draw....  Just not my day.

In the end, I cashed out at around 1:00am down $100-ish (plus the $65 tourney buy-in).  An overall frustrating weekend at the hands of the poker gods.



  1. might be frustrating but you were down less than a buy in over 16 hours of poker and that is good for as bad as you are running!

  2. Seems like we are both suffering from this terrible malady.

  3. the AA hand, you made it $100 pre and what size were effective stax - $200? please stack sizes?

    nice fold v the utg limp/backraise


  4. I Had about $175 behind on the flop. Villain had about $600+ . . .

  5. being results orientated was a very, very nice laydown but not one i could make, preflop your sizing given stacks is absolutely perfect for you to shove any flop and i would do exactly that =(

    my heart says he must have KK in this spot but my head says he could have AK and didnt want to get it aipf for 140bb "lets see a flop, if i hit im going with it", i dont think QQ would turn his hand into a bluff. after all there is only 3 card combinations of KK with a K OTF.

    i stoved it and if he plays AK and KK the same ur ahead of his range:

    Text results appended to pokerstove.txt

    8,910 games 0.000 secs 1,782,000 games/sec

    Board: Kd 6h Ts

    equity win tie pots won pots tied
    Hand 0: 62.806% 62.28% 00.53% 5549 47.00 { AcAd }
    Hand 1: 37.194% 36.67% 00.53% 3267 47.00 { KK, AKs, AKo }

    tough but interesting spot especially in live nitring =( would be nice to know any reads you have on him? if he got that $600 stack from a spewy move/suckout etc i'd snap call obv


  6. "and backed myself into a triple-up" made me laugh out loud... :)