Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Greetings From Denver

Day 17 of the Poker Barrister's Denver foray.  Still in the midst of trial . . . The good guys closed their case early this afternoon; Villain was unprepared to call its first witness.  The judge showed mercy and, as a result, we got out of Court at 2:00.   Dead tired, but still lots of work to be done.  Witness cross to prepare, as well as closings (tentatively set for Friday).  If all goes per plan, we'll all be home sometime late Friday night /early Saturday morning.  In theory, I'd love to spend the holiday weekend playing poker; but, I'm not sure I'll be ready to hit the road so soon.

Speaking of poker . . . last Friday, the rest of the team decided to fly back east to spend the weekend with their families.  I had other ideas.  Vegas is a mere hour and a half flight away, and Southwest flies direct.  It would be unreasonable to NOT head to the desert for a quickie.  So, at 4:50 Friday evening, I found myself at DIA in the Southwest cattle call, resisting the urge to beat the fuck out of the hundred or so other passengers jockeying for boarding position.  I had spent the extra $16 to "upgrade" to a priority A boarding pass.  A-9, to be precise.  When the A group lined up, I took a spot somewhere in the line.  I was not 9th.  More like 30th.  And I couldn't of cared less.  However, based on the number of folks who proceeded to walk the line asking, "what number do you have?  What number are you?" . . . I started to think I was missing something.  I wasn't.  We all got seats.  Even the folks in Groups B and C.  Yes, flying aggravates me.

Anyway, I digress . . .

I arrived in Vegas and was checked in to NY, NY by 8:00.  After some dinner, drinks and blackjack degeneracy, I eventually made my way across the street to the MGM Poker Room.  Or, should I say, the temporary space where the MGM has, for the moment, located its poker tables.  I played from 1:00 am to just shy of 4:30am, and banked a nice profit.

The next "morning" I headed over to Aria for the 1:00 Daily:

121 runners paid the $125 entry fee.  I was card dead the entire time.  Yet, somehow, like a cockroach at The Plaza, I refused to leave.  I was all in 5 times and doubled up on each occasion.  On one, I shoved a bit light with AT from middle position and got called by AK, only to turn trip tens.  Clean living, brotha.  Eventually, after the 4th break, as the field narrowed to 27, I built up enough chips to not have to play "shove or fold."  With $23,000, I looked down at 88 from the hijack and opened for $5,000.  The cutoff shoved.  I can probably fold in this spot.  However, when the big blind shoves over the top, I have to call.  Cutoff tables AJ, big blind shows KQ, and I have to avoid all paint.  A Queen on the flop finally ends my day.

After dinner at the Public House and an hour or so of video poker, it was back to trial mode . . .

It's been a cool experience in Denver.  Hopefully, within the next day or so, I can draft a quick blog about the city and the trial experience so far.  But, for know, it's back to work . . .



  1. "Yet, somehow, like a cockroach at the Plaza, I refused to leave..." :)

  2. You could, if finished with trial prep, make a quick foray "up the hill" to Blackhawk, CO for an evening of poker. It's not Vegas...but it ain't bad.