Monday, June 18, 2012

Back to the Grind . . . briefly

Monday.  Work.  Awesome.

Saturday was DMB at Nissan.  The day began with a marathon session at a local brewery and ended with a rack of ribs back at the hotel at 1:30 am . . .  In between, there was a concert . . . allegedly . . .

The show itself was adequate, at best. In fact, one of the worst set lists I've ever seen.  But, the combination of excessive alcohol and great tickets saved the evening (who says you don't need booze to have fun?)

Sunday was spent in recovery mode - a few hours at the pool followed by fourteen hours of sleep.  Yes, 14.

The challenge now is motivating to bill a few hours this week before Friday evening's late night flight back to the desert.  Looking forward to the bloggers' tournament at Riviera next Sunday . . .


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