Monday, June 18, 2012

Face Up Gaming

My initial foray into the world of online poker took place sometime in 2010.  For years previous, I had been "investing" in the "offshore alternative equities market" . . . otherwise known as online sports wagering.  When Pinnacle Sports decided to abide by the law, my action went to Mysportsbook - a far less reputable site, but one which would still take my money.  One day, I decided to download the site's poker skin, and the grinding began . . . Ultimately, however, waiting 20 minutes for a seat to open up on a $25 NL virtual table and playing the occasional 40 runner MTT's, lost its luster.  I needed more . . .

And so, sometime in January 2011, I decided to take my on-line poker game to the next level.  I bought a new laptop dedicated solely to online poker.  I registered for Full Tilt and Pokerstars and funded accounts on both.  I bought and downloaded Hold'em Manager - a program which tracks every hand played and maintains statistics on everything relevant to a serious online grinder.  "PFR" and "VPIP" suddenly had meaning.  I was a student of the game . . . and then, on April 15, 2011, it all ended.

For a while, I maintained some money on mysportsbook and reverted back to its vitrual tables.  But, after the Jets run to the AFC Championship two years ago, the account ran dry (as a Jets fan, I was compelled to bet AGAINST them on the ML for every playoff game - if the Jets were gonna crap out, as always, I was determined to make some cash in the process . . . Of course, this strategy virtually ensured two consecutive AFC championship games and the insolvency of my account . . . Indeed, the win at Foxboro was both incredible AND expensive . . .).  Being a Maryland resident, even sketchy sites like sportsbook.com no longer allow reloads.  F*ck you, government!!!

Which brings me to this - Face Up Gaming (http://players.faceupgaming.com/home.aspx).  I first learned about the site on Al Can't Hang's blog.  After a quick run through, I signed up.  Basically, you pay $24 a month and have access to tournaments (MTT's and SNG's).  It appears as if the site provides cash and non-cash prizes.  If anyone has experience with Face Up and can provide a review, please let me know in the comment section below.


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  1. I have no personal experience with them, but read their rules section. They may be under the same umbrella as wpt.com and the former spadeclub.com - if they are considered a 'sweepstakes' site (the 2 sites I mentioned were 20 bucks a month), then they are allowed to operate in certain states. Good luck!