Sunday, June 10, 2012

Pete Peters, TBC & The Revel AC

Made it up to Atlantic City this weekend.  The plan was to play the noon tournament at the Nugget, grind a little cash, catch some of the subway series, and hit the O's - Phillies game at The Yard on the way home.   Three out of four ain't bad . . .

Rolled into AC Friday evening, played a little joker poker, and then grabbed a few pomegranate margaritas at Dos Caminos while watching baseball.  At around 10:00, I sent a text to Tony Bigcharles to see if he wanted to meet up and play some $1/2 NL.  Now, if you are reading this blog, chances are you're familiar with Tony, or TBC, or Sevencard2003 as he's known on the Internet.  Tony is a fascinating story.  Formerly homeless (or, as some would argue, currently homeless . . .) . . . and autistic . . .  TBC has sustained himself playing poker for many years, living from casino to casino, mainly in Vegas.  About a month ago, Tony went on a road trip -- Louisiana . . .St. Louis . . . Chicago . . . Philadelphia -- and is currently in AC.   Tony's new blog/forum can be found here: sevencard2003.proboards.com

I first played at the same table with Tony at the Imperial Palace in Vegas several years ago.  While I knew who he was, I did not introduce myself.  I ran into him in the Caesars Diamond lounge in Vegas a year or so later, and had seen him around the Strip on various trips over the years, but again, never introduced myself.  Anyway, Friday, I sent Tony a text to see if he wanted to head over to Revel.  Tony was at the Golden Nugget and I agreed to walk over and meet him there, and then cab over to Revel together.

We arrived at Revel around 11:00 and got seated at the same table. 


The seven and eight seats were open.  I gave Tony first choice and he took the eight.  I sat to his immediate right.

Tony bought in short for $100, and I bought in for $200.  My first hand of the night - AA.  Nice start.  I ended up going on a three hour heater.  It was one of those nights were the cards essentially played themselves, and big hands held up. 

I had one interesting hand, which involved Tony.  UTG limped in for $2.  Middle position limped.  I looked down at AKdd and raise to $10.  Tony snap shoves his stack of about $90.  Now, if you've read Tony's blog, you basically know his hand.  I knew his hand.  UTG CALLS!!!!  Yes, limp calls $90 or so.  MP folds.  Perhaps it was in part the libations at Dos Caminos . . . but I just wanted to get out of Tony's way . . . I flash TBC my Big Slick suited (keep it clean, folks . . .) and muck it.  UTG flips AJ (...Um.  Good call, sir...) and, of course, spikes a J on the flop.  Tony is rebuying.  Tough break. 

People give crap to Tony for overplaying AK preflop in cash games.  I really have no opinion on the matter.  But, in this instance, on this night, TBC got his money in good (after I folded, of course), and got a fishy call, and just got unlucky . . . 

I left at around 2:30 or 3:00 am so as not to miss out on the Nugget nooner a second trip in a row . . . All in all, it was nice to finally meet Tony in person, and was a pleasure playing some cards with him.

I made it to the Nugget Saturday for the deepstack.  The GN really does have a beautiful room:

Once again, my tournament luck continued.  Card dead.  For hours.  And hours.  Finally, I got bored and impatient about 5 hours in, and donked off my stack with K8 suited.  I started the hand with about $15,000 in chips, with blinds at $50/200/400 . . . plenty of time to still play cards.  Hand was limped three-ways preflop.  Flop was 2 8 T rainbow.  Guy lead for $2,500.  I did not think he was very strong.  Villain had doubled up about 5 hands in when some idiot over-played KK and got stacked to a set of QQQ (how you let that happen in the first level of a $25,000 deepstack with 30 minute blinds is beyond me . . .).  Villain had been donk betting a bunch of flops and folding to aggression.   I thought about raising . . . made it obvious that I was thinking about raising . . . but flatted.  Turn blanked.  I played with my last $12,000 or so, making it clear I was ready to get my chips in the middle.  Villain stared me down and checked.  I put villain on a fairly weak T.  I'm bored, tired of folding, and looking to pick up the $8,000 or so chips in the middle.  I shove my last $12,000.  Villain tanks and ends up making the call with QT and I'm on the rail . . .

I've been having difficulty maintaining patience in these well-structured tournaments.  By the 4th or 5th hour, I become ancy, particularly when the cards are not falling my way.  I end up making a poorly timed move.  A definite leak I need to address (or I need to stop playing tournaments).

After a good weekend in AC, I hit the road home around 10:00 am . . . perfect time to hit Camden Yards for 1:35 first pitch.  However, when I emerged from the harbor tunnel in Baltimore, the line of cars for Exit 53 was nearly two miles long - despicable Philly fans making the trip.  I hate Philly fans.  And I didn't feel like waiting in traffic and then on the will-call line for 2 hours, especially in 90 degree heat.  So, it was home early to catch the subway series on MLB First Pitch . . .  Nice way to finish up the weekend . . . watching a bunch of no-names in Mets uniforms losing to the Evil Empire . . . I hate baseball . . .



  1. Good looking rooms - congrats on your success!

  2. P3:

    Any comments on Tony's behavior at the table? Was he pretty calm or was he on one of his rants?

    Tony usually generates some strong feelings at the table...


  3. Nice recap. I am glad that you got to try the "TBC Experience" yourself. It gives you a much better feel about everything.

    I have switched to mostly cash games in Las Vegas for some of the same reasons that you appear to have for feeling some level of discomfort in deep stacks. A lot of focus needed, locked in, possibility of wasting huge number of hours with no return ...

    Surprised you didn't call Tony's shove. I can just see you thinking "he he he" ...

  4. @ s.i. Tony was very calm. Even when he took that bad beat. He just rebought. Didn't say a word to the guy.

    @ lightening . . . I think I know what you mean about a "much better feel about everything . . ." IMO, if the posters on his blog actually spent some time with Tony, the comments would be much less harsh . . .

  5. Nice post, interesting what you said about recognizing Tony but not introducing yourself.

    Will you be at the first TBC meet? That's the one I'm going to. Guess there's no chance of meeting Tony then.

  6. Hey Rob . . . I'll be at the Tournament at the Riviera on the 24th...

  7. P3 -

    Read that you spotted Tony airfare back out to SinCity - very nice of you, Pete. Very nice, indeed.


  8. Yeah, Pete, agree with s.i. Just read about your kind and generous gesture regardng Tony. Above and beyond, really.

  9. Really am tha.nkful he did this. Otherwise id miss seeing rob and josie and be trapped in av

  10. Really am tha.nkful he did this. Otherwise id miss seeing rob and josie and be trapped in av