Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Poker Barrister Goes to Vegas - Day 1

The first bit of luck of the trip - dodging thunderstorms in DC Friday night.  The plane took off nearly on time, and, several cocktails and 5 hours later, I landed in the desert at 11:00pm.

After checking in at Aria, I decided to head over to Planet Hollywood (hereinafter, the "PH"), mainly because I was starving and figured I could grab a sandwich at The Earl. But, first things first - a degenerate is gonna degen. So, I sat down at the Hundred Hand VP machine, $6 a pull, and ran through a quick $100 on Joker Poker. I found nothing funny about the game. Undeterred, I switched to Dueces Wild. A fresh one hundred in the machine.  I was quickly down to $19. Then it happened. I press deal and my 5 hole cards appear: 2....2....2....2....5. Yes, dealt (DEALT!!!) four Dueces... Four Dueces for all 100 hands. And just like that, the Poker Barrister has got some walking around money in his pocket!

Too tired to play poker, i decide to head over to Bally's to try and loose a bit of my recent hand pay jackpot at the blackjack tables at the Party Pit. For some reason, I absolutely love the Party Pit at Bally's. Sure, black jack pays 6/5 on a table with a continuous shuffler. But, they also give you a set of three-cent party beads for your triumph. A solid deal by any idiots standards. I mean, I could probably buy A LOT of plastic beads with the extra $20 I should have been paid at 3/2, but where does one even buy plastic party beads?

Anyway, while at Bally's I spun by the poker "room" and saw some familiar faces - fellow bloggers Lightening, Pokergrump and Josie were playing $1/2, so I stopped by to say a quick hello.... Then I went and won a couple more bills (but no beads) and decided to call in a night at  3:00 am. ... 6:00am east coast. 

Woke up early Saturday. Too early. 8:00am. Not yet adjusted. Time to hit the Pool at Aria. The pool deck is beautiful at Aria. Scenery is good too. Realization that I am old and out of shape, not so good.

From the pool, I headed to the sportsbook to place some MLB action. Philly on the ML at +115. Thank you, Jim Thome....

As afternoon threatened to become evening, the 4 hours sleep from the night before began to take its toll. I hadn't taken a nap in probably a decade. This seemed like a good spot for one. [WARNING - ACTUAL POKER CONTENT BELOW!!!!] So, after 4 hours of sleep, I headed over to PH at 10 pm... Wide awake . . . sober . . . Ready to fleece the Saturday night drunks. First hand played, and I'm rebuying. Yes, stacked for $300 first hand. Here's how:

I look down at AJ in the big blind. It limps 6 ways to me and I check my option (I usually don't raise the blind without JJ+.... A Sunday regular at Harrah's AC once told me it was "rude" to raise your blind without the nuts... Maybe he was a lieing old nit. Nevertheless, I generally abide by his words). Flop comes AT6 (2 clubs). I check and it checks around to the cutoff who bets $15. Basically a pot-sized bullet. Scared of the clubs, EH? I flat and everyone else folds. Turn is the A of clubs. Interesting. I check and villain fires. $25. I don't think he has the flush based on his pot bet. I think I'm good, but would like to end the hand here. I raise to $75. Villain stares me down, tanks... And re-raises to $125. Ok. Interesting. It's another $50 to call. While it's hard to fold to $50 on top with nearly $200 in the pot, I also know that Villain is most likey shoving the river. Yet, for some reason, I think I'm good here. AT is the hand I'm worried about. But, Villain didn't raise from the cutoff, so I somewhat discount AT. I think he's got a smaller A. A6? Possibly. I call. River bricks. I check. Villain shoves. I have $140 and there is $300 in the pot. Perhaps I can get off this hand. But, for some reason, I really think villain is overplaying trips. I mean, it's the PH on a Saturday night... Fish love trip AAA. Well, I'm the fish in this tale. I call, and villain flips AT. Not sure how I feel about this hand, particularly given my read on the flop (which was somewhat correct). I think my biggest mistake was the turn call. I should have shoved, knowing the money was going in on the river anyway. Of course, would not have made a difference on this hand.... [curious whether most of you get away from this hand with your stack intact. Thoughts?]

Ultimately, I rebought and folded junk for a few more hours before quitting.... . It's Sunday morning as I write this. Another night of 4 hours sleep. I've got to adjust eventually, right? Anyway, time to hit the pool... Tonight is the TBC / Koala open bloggerfest tournament at the Riviera. Hoping not to embarrass myself. And, for those playing, I was totally just kidding about my raising range from the blinds... -PPP


  1. How much did the quad deuces pay? I try to stick to sports bets and poker - I RARELY play anything else...

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