Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Poker Barrister Will Keep His Day Job

It's nearly the end of June - halfway through the year.  My goal of finishing 2012 with a double-digit hourly win-rate at $1/2 needs some work . . .  The results thus far:

I started out the year in a $1,000+ hole a mere two weeks into January.  I tried to tighten up my game and plug some leaks, and pulled back to even shortly thereafter.  Still, I'm marginally better than a break even player, which is disappointing.

In addition to cash, I've played a bunch of tournaments thus far this year, mainly at Del Park.  While I haven't kept track of the results, I've probably played at least ten and cashed three.   All in all, while I feel like my MTT game is improving, I think my time would be better spent grinding cash.   

So . . . . for the second half of the year, the plan is to stick more to cash games.  I'm aiming for 250+ hours total for 2012, and still shooting for $10 to $14 hourly.

I'll be in Vegas for 9 days starting Friday evening.  In addition to much general debauchery (pool, black jack, VP, adult beverages, etc.), I'll be grinding the $1/2 games at MGM and Planet Hollywood in effort to pad the stats . . .  I may also mix in a bit of $1/3 at Aria, which will be home base for the trip.     



  1. Excellent - maybe our paths will cross during this trip of yours.

    Also, much luck at the tables.

  2. Nice meeting you the other night. I hope we get a chance to talk some at the TBC tourney tonight.