Monday, July 2, 2012

From Five Star to Third World

The Poker Barrister is back from the desert.  After 9 days at Aria, I landed at DCA at 9:30 pm last night, drove the GW Parkway to the Beltway, and got off at my exit.  No working traffic lights.  No street lights.  No power.  At all.  Apparently, there were storms Friday night.  Yes, Friday.  And predictions are that power may not be restored until next weekend.  Nice to be home.

Anyway. Vegas was a blast.  As always.  And the trip got off to a particularly fast start.  After checking in to Aria at Midnight, I walked over to The PH, mainly to get something to eat.  Of course, a little video poker (or "VP" or "the Devils Game") was first in order.  I sat down at the hundred hand machine, $6 a pull, and snapped off the hand of the year:

Not a bad start to the trip.

On the flip side, for the second year in a row, I was a loser at the poker tables over the course of the nine days.  I played a mere 20 hours of poker, and was card dead 98% of the time.  In the end, my week was marked by four big hands: (1)  Trip AAA w/ J kicker beaten by Aces Full Tens (got stacked for $300 on the hand); (2) a set of 222's which I laid down (to a higher set); and (3) a set of 888 which I laid down (think I actually mucked the winner here).  I already discussed each in prior posts.

Hand 4 took place at The PH Saturday afternoon.  Same table as the Trip A v. AA-full hand ... an omen, perhaps.  I had been playing for nearly an hour and was sitting on a full buy-in.  The guy to my left was a total rock, sitting on $500+ and reading the Hunger Games on his Ipad.  I had not been active at all to this point.  I'm in the big blind.  Hunger Games opens to $10 UTG and gets 1 caller.  I look down at AA and repop to $27.  Hunger Games calls and MP folds.  Flop comes A J 7 rainbow.  Fairly safe board to take a card.  I check.  Hunger Games checks.  Turn is a T.  Board getting str8ty, but I'm not worried.  No way Hunger Games called $19 preflop with KQ.  I bet $40.  HG calls.  Interesting.  River bricks.  I bet $85.  Hunger Games tanks . . . and min-raises.  REALLY?  KQ?  I call.  Hunger Games flips broadway.  

Down to $50, I add on $100.  I end up getting AK three times over the next 40 minutes, raise to $10 each time, and miss the flop three straight.  Add in $22 C-Bets on two of the hands, and I'm back under $100.  And, I'm steaming. 

A few hands later, I look down at KK in early position and raise to $10.  This time, it folds around and I toss the $3 in blinds I just "stole" to the dealer in disgust. 

I steam for twenty minutes more before I smarten up enough to realize that if I continue to sit at this table, I'm, going to piss away my remaining $90 or so . . . So I walked and tried to make peace with my second losing Vegas poker trip in a row....   

With my last few remaining hours in the desert I hit Koi for dinner, and then decided to make it or break it at the black jack table.   I walked to Flamingo, bought in deep, and promptly went broke.  it was a sureal run.  Three of us at the table -- two older guys in first and second, and me batting cleanup.  While my friends at the other end were pulling 19's and 20's, my hands looked like this:


 . . . over, and over and over.  And, of course, with the dealer pulling faces . . .  And, this was not one of those sessions were I was pulling the miracle 6's to make hands.  I was busting.  Every hand.  AND, to rub salt in the wound, the dealer was pulling hands like K4 . . .J and repeatedly busting . . . AFTER I HAD ALREADY BUSTED OUT.

Finally, after losing 18 out of 20 hands at $25 a pop, and being nearly busto, I lost my shit when I hit soft 18 on a dealer Ten and took verbal crap not only from the two gentlemen at the other end of the table, but also from the dealer.  The two men shake their heads and give me "the look."  And, the dealer says, "you sure you want to hit that?"  I say, "A7 on your face card?  Yes, I'm sure I do . . ."  I hit . . . take an 8 . . . hit again, and bust with a T . . . dealer flips an 8 and says, "see, you would have pushed...."   OK.  Thank you ma'am....  When you want to punch the female dealer in the throat, it's prolly time to end your stay in the desert . . . And so I did . . .        




  1. whatever happened to that final day u was gonna come downtown

  2. Why are you playing EV- games? From the jackpot, it looked like you're comfortably up for the trip regardless the outcome of the poker. Why give it back?

    On an unrelated note, I see that you play CTown & DP quite frequently. Would love to meet a fellow blogger - when's the next time you're up in CTown? I find it increasing hard to make the long drive to DP from the DC area, so CTown is much more palatable. With the new poker room opened for business, the game just got a TON easier there :-).

  3. Sorry, Tony . . ran out of time Saturday and never made it downtown. I'll be back in first week of August for 4 days, so, if you are still around, hopefully we can catch up then. Until then, keep grinding!

    @ PK, when I go to vegas, I usually go to be a degenerate for a few days . . . I bet a ton of sports, drink a lot, play black jack, etc. As for Charles Town, I'm looking to head up there soon. Maybe even Wednesday . . . I stopped going to Charletown just because I hated the wait. But, as you mentioned, with the new room open, I'm defintely ready to start heading back. Would love to meet up.

  4. Seems like you need to work on your anger when getting screwed at the poker table. Why, you'd never see me get very angry ...

    It was great playing some cards with you. I was hoping to meet up with you again before I left, but that damn bug I caught messed up the last few days something fierce.

  5. Hahaha! Diffence is that I could have avoided a big loss with my set of AAA by barreling the flop, but tried to trap and take a card. I also, perhaps, should have avoided getting stacked with my trip A hand by exercising some pot control or, perhaps, letting go of trips -- an often times vastly overvalued hand... Thus, my anger is partially directed at my own shitty play . . .

    You on the other hand just plan got screwed on that suckout!!!

  6. Drop me a line & we'll try to coordinate something. I'm going to try to make it up there Tuesday night. ThePokerMeisterTPM@gmail.com

  7. Sorry that you returned to the third world when you got home... Glad you took the shot of the deuces wild machine - can't remember if I looked back to see if you answered my question or not... Nice score for pennies... :)

  8. Hey Coach . . . hand payed $1,200. Not bad !!!

  9. The only time I played Video Poker recently, I was playing a 100 play machine and was dealt 4 10'! Very nice.

    Great meeting you. I am currently in the process of doing the post about meeting Tony (and you) and the Tony tournament. You will be featured prominently!