Monday, August 13, 2012

Chasing the Bad Beat

The "Bad Beat" at Caesar's AC still has not hit.  It's currently $783,000.  Quad 2's is the minimum qualifying hand.  All of the Caesars AC casino's are linked for the jackpot -- Harrah's, Caesars, Showboat, and Bally's.  If it hits, the loser of the hand gets 30%, the winner 20%, and every person seated in a hand at any of the four Caesars casino's splits the remainder.  The prospect of winning $250,000 on single hand of poker has the AC poker scene jumping.  Each of the Caesars rooms are basically at capacity.  Tournaments have been cancelled because there are no dealers available to pitch. And, just about every dealer is fed up and ready for this bubble to burst (Harrah's apparently won't, or can't, hire any temps because they know that as soon as this jackpot hits, there will be a giant sucking sound coming from all four rooms . . .)

Now, while I have no illusion of hitting the jackpot, it did make a good excuse to drive up to Harrah's over the weekend.  Saturday, Harrah's had 46 tables running.  I got seated around 11:00 at table 8 at the 2 seat.  At least three regs were grinding away.  I was completely and utterly card dead for 5 hours.  The best hands I saw were pocket TT (three times), pocket 99 once, ducks four times and JJ once.  On the TT's and 99's, I opened each time to a $10 raise, got several callers, and flopped two or three overs every time.  I C-Bet once (with TT on an AA5 board) and promptly got re-raised by a guy who was, in fact, holding the Ace.  I basically gave up the other three times and folded when someone lead out on the flop. 

The JJ hand was the best.  I raised to $10 UTG and got called by "E," a 30-ish, and very, very good, reg.  I've played with him before, and he is solid.  A nice enough guy, but one a tend to avoid if at all possible.  In this session alone, prior to the JJ hand, he had laid down a straight (face up) against a guy with the higher str8ght, and called a guy down with a pair of 8's on an KQ852 (two clubs) board, when villain bet flop, turn and bombed the river.  E called each bet and insta-called the river.  Picked off villain's club draw.  On our hand, he flatted my $10 open from the cut-off.  Flop was Q 8 3 rainbow.  I checked the flop and he checked back.  Turn blanked.  I lead for $17.  He raised to $45.  I tanked, knowing he could just be making a move in position.  Ultimately I mucked, and gave him a bit of a stare.  Finally, he offered, your JJ was no good.  Ouch. 

I cut my losses $70 in the hole and grabbed some dinner.  3 hours later, I returned for more.  460 seats in action in the room, and I get seated, again, at table 8, seat 2.  Just great.  I figure the seat's mojo must have turned.  I was wrong.  Another barrage of 85, J2, 93, 52.  I won one decent hand over the next 4 hours:  I raised two limpers to $10 with AA and got called in both spots.  Flop came down Q53,  Guy donk bets his last $38.  I call.  He flips Q9.  Turn is a 9.  Ouch.  River is another 3.  Thank you.  Guy proceeds to bitch about how he just got rivered.  Um.  Sir.  You called a preflop raise with Q9 off.  You were behind.  You shoved the flop with top pair.  You were behind.  You got lucky on the turn and were ahead briefly.  I really don't think I'd consider the hand a good ole fashioned rivering.  But, what do I know.  Anyway, I split shortly thereafter, around midnight, after a total of 9.5 hours of play.  Lost about $110 total, which I was happy with, given the cards I was dealt.

Now that football season is approaching, I suspect I'll be playing AC much, much more often, as it's pretty tough for me to drive up to the Jets games on Sunday without first stopping off at AC for a night or two.  I'm digging myself a fairly nice hole thus far at Harrah's.  Still plenty of time left this year to climb out.



  1. i seriously doubt the AC dealers are upset that theyve finally got plenty of available work, and want that to end and all the cardrooms be dead again, and people start getting laid off. (as implied above)

  2. Dealers - over worked and under tipped by all the jackpot chasers is my opinion.

    Hope you at least are seated when it hits man!

  3. Exactly right, grrouchie - dealers were complaining about working overtime for months straight and barely making any more money than they were before