Sunday, September 23, 2012

First in the Sunday Tournament at The Chuck

First out, that is . . . 

Played the 11:00 am at Charles Town today.  $125+20+5; 10,000 chips; 20 minutes blinds, starting at $25/$50.  62 runners.

In level one, sitting on a little under $10,000, I look down at 9,7 off in the big blind.  UtG opens to $150, and gets five callers.  I toss in a black and we go 6 to the flop.

Flop:  A 7, 9 rainbow. 

I check to the raiser.  UTG bets out $300.  Middle position calls and the remaining three fold.  I repop to $1000.  UTG folds.  MP calls. 

Turn:  8.

I lead for $2,200.  MP tanks and calls.

River:  J.

Not the greatest card.  I check.  MP bets $3,500.  I'm sitting on around $6,000.  If I call and Villain has AT or aces-up, I'm crippled.  While it's very early, my vibe is that Villain is a very capable player.  I don't think he's value betting an ace here.  In my mind, I think Villain's range is pretty polarized.  I fold.  Villain mucks.

The very next level, I'm still sitting on $6,000 or so, when I follow three limpers from highjack with 78 spades.  Button calls as well.  Flop is 678 rainbow.  UTG bets $300.  UTG+2 raises to $1,000 and MP calls.  I shove and get called in both spots.  Turn is a 4 and MP's pocket fives take the pot.  I hit the rail 62 out of 62 and head for the cash games.   

The $1/2 game did not treat me much better.  I battled 4 hours of shit upon shit, and was down $45 and feeling pretty good about it, when this hand occurred:

Sitting on $265, I look down at A(d) K(s) in early position.  I make it $12 and get two callers. 

Flop:  K(d)  T(d)  T(c)

I lead for $22 and get called in both spots.

Turn:  3(d)

I check and MP bets $45 (he is deep stacked).  Hi-jack flats (she has another $50 or so behind).  I'm pretty sure my Ace is no good.  I'm not worried about MP, but I really think the cut-off has me.  She's been playing really well, an I don't think she flats two streets here without a really strong hand.  My gut tells me she has AT.  Makes total sense.  Yet, it's hard to fold TPTK with the redraw to the nut flush.  I call $45.

River:  7(d)

I see MP reaching for chips, and I check.  MP thinks about it, and ends up checking.  Hi-jack shoves her last $50.  I call, and MP calls.   Hi-jack flips pocket tens.  Good times.  [MP had AK off].

Left down $130, and am still just barely above break even for the year after about 160 hours of play.  


  1. No monkey shove with A-K? Oops -- wrong guy. lol

  2. Well, wuold have reached the same result without the post-flop stress. Maybe he's on to something!

  3. Quick analysis of the tourney hand:
    You really goofed up the hand on the flop, when you c/raised to 1k. There is 150x6 (5 callers + raiser) + 300x2 (bettor + caller) = 1500 in the pot when you decide to repop your vulnerable bottom two to 1k. You are offering great odds to any and all Aces and draws; call 700 to win (1500 + 1k) = 2500 outright + implied odds. You really need to raise larger in this spot - I like 1500 or even 2k with the intent of getting it in on any non Ace turn. He's okay with calling Ax, JT, T8 for 700 more.

    If you had c/raised to 1500 on the flop, there would be 5200 in the pot on the turn, setting up an easy shove. A raise to 2k would have been even easier. You get the open enders and gutters to pay a terrible price for their draws and force the AK-AT to pay dearly for their hands as well. If you don't get any callers, nice pot takedown early in the tourney and oh well - your bottom two, while strong, isn't hugely strong and is vulnerable giving you not a ton of equity to see the turn and river anyway.

    1. Thanks PM. Agree with your analysis. I basically played the hand like a fish, and priced my re-raise based on the initial bet of $300, and completely ignored the pot size.

      Interestingly, I ened up at the same cash table as the Villain about an hour later. I watched him play a very similar hand against someone else, where he called flop, seemed to reluctantly call the turn, and then bet the river large on a fairly coordinated board. He got called down and just mucked. Made me think I may have gotten bluffed in the tournament. if so, he played the hand rather well and made a great river bet.

    2. Good admission: "priced my re-raise based on the initial bet of $300..." I think we all fall into that trap from time to time. I've been finding out that lately, stopping, pausing, and thinking about what I'm doing makes my choices a lot clearer than acting on impulse which is what I had been doing. The initial lead of 300 into 1500 - better, PF bet of 150 and flop bet of 300 - is such a weak weak weak bet; sort of a blocking bet if you will. Can't speak to whether the dude had it or not, but given the description of the hand, I think I'm folding the river too. Point to the whole matter, though, is realizing that you should have put him to a decision for his tournament life earlier in the hand.

  4. Oh yeah, and by the turn and river, there aren't many draws that missed, especially given the 4 straight on the board. I doubt he's showing up with a better two pair and betting on the river; most players [at least in the cash games] are checking through the river given the prior action. Though he's offering you ~half pot 33% odds (3500 into ~7300) I think you're paying off as a sucker most of the time in this spot. Good fold.