Friday, September 21, 2012

Perhaps this is Just Fantasy?

It's the third week in September, and for the third straight year, my team, the Pecan Sandovals (named, of course, after Kung Fu Panda) is battling it out in the finals of my Fantasy Baseball League -- an ESPN Head-to-Head.  I'm pretty good at fantasy baseball.  In fact, I'm like the Billy Beane of fantasy baseball.  Hell, in June, when my team was playing .500 ball and needed pitching, I stepped up and traded Ryan Braun for Cliff Lee and CJ Wilson, and reeled off 6 straight victories.  In short, I know how to put together a squad.
Now, of course, it's Fantasy Football season.  I resisted fantasy football for years.  Throughout most of the past decade, particularly when Pinnacle was open to U.S. residents, I didn't play "fantasy" football.  No.  I bet football like a real man.  And, it use to piss me off to no end when I'd be watching Sunday NFL at the bar and some second string running back would score a garbage time TD to kill the spread and some jackass would be celebrating because he just got 5 fantasy points.  Dude, I just lost $200, and you just took the pretend lead over some thirteen year old on the Internet - SHUT THE FUCK UP!  
Anyway, its 2012 (I think), and things have changed.  Hell, as a Maryland resident, I can't even fund the most sketchy of online books.  I've got no offshore outs.  I have not placed on online bet in almost 2 years.  As a result, last year I broke down and joined a fantasy football league.  I got in invite from the same group of guys that I had just crushed in bases.  I talked a lot of trash.  I drafted a team.  And, I came in dead last.
This year, I vowed to do better.  I had a full season under my belt.  Surely, Billy Beane could switch sports and excel.  I did my draft homework and thought I put together a decent team:
QB:     M. Stafford (keeper)
WR:    Percy Harvin
WR:    Eric Decker
WR:    Pierre Garcon
RB:     Ryan Matthews
RB:     Trent Richardson
TE:      Vernon Davis
Flex:    Mike Crabtree / Kyle Rudolf / Roy Helu
Def:     Houston
K:        Dan Bailey
Hell, on paper, I still think it looks good.  In practice, on Sundays, not so much.  At least, so far.
Two draft mistakes.  First, I took Helu over C.J. Spiller.  I was deciding between the two for a late round pick, and pulled the trigger on the Redskin.  Costly error.   Second, I took Decker over Demaryius Thomas, which is also looking like a big mistake.
Anyway, this week looks to be the first time my backfield will be healthy.  Of course, it also looks like I'll be without Garcon.  But, it's Friday, so there's always hope.  And, worst case, the 2013 baseball season is only 7 months away.   


  1. Yes - Big mistake not taking Spiller. Not just going by results here but I just have no faith in the Redskins playing any one back enough to make a difference and Helu looked like an odd man out.
    Spiller I think has a TON of potential and I felt like he was going to have a year where he started taking carries away from Freddie.... This injury has only propelled him much higher than I thought he'd be though and he is just killing it.

    I was not high on Garcon with the team switch but I think you did alright there

  2. 1.) It looks like a good team but obv would be better with Spiller.

    2.) Great post. I think getting "the sugar" has improved your writing. :)

  3. Thanks Josie. Let's see if it improves my poker game!

  4. Sorry to hear about your diagnosis that you shared on your previous blog entry.

    I have been watching my sugar levels since 2009 and have made large changes to my diet since then. I have managed through exercise and diet to avoid being put on medication.
    I am not sure where you are on the scale, but through monitoring, effort and change you will be fine.
    Just we cannot turn back the clock and act like 20 year olds again.

    The booze is a tough one to let go....but there is a lot of benefits you will gradually see to drinking less. Think of no more hangovers or any of the other crap that goes with over indulgence...that we tend to put up with!

    All the best

  5. Thanks Stack. Appreciate the thought