Monday, September 17, 2012

Time to Change This Blog's Title

When I created this blog approximately a year ago, I entitled it, "Tales of Poker, Law and Degeneracy."  My intention was to create a rudimentary narrative of my life, which consisted largely of work, playing poker, and debauchery -- e.g., frequent drunken weekends at casinos, college football road trips, baseball games, Jets games . . . et cetera.  Indeed, over the past ten years, I've had more good times than a person should probably have in a lifetime.  I've been to Vegas on countless occasions.  Hell, last year alone I spent a full calendar month on the strip.  I've put 30,000 miles on my car in the past year-and-a-half driving back and forth to Atlantic City, Jets games, and poker in Delaware.  I've partied in New Orleans . . . tailgated in Baton Rouge . . . been to the Big House many times . . . I've followed the Mets from coast-to-coast - Los Angeles, San Diego, San Fran, Phoenix, Chicago, Denver, Miami, Atlanta, St Louis, Seattle.  I've seen DMB thirty or so times in at least 8 cities (that I can recall).  I've spent more weekends in Happy Valley than I can count on my fingers.  I've bar-hopped in Buckhead, tore-up NYC, and gotten some of the finest lap dances the strip clubs of Montreal have to offer.  You get the point . . .  And, I intended this blog as a place to capture some of the debauchery going forward. 

Well, there hasn't been much debauchery on this blog lately.  Fact of the matter is, I basically lost the energy / motivation necessary to drink myself silly to the point I'd wake up in a cow field in State College, or get a ride back to the hotel in the back seat of a cop car (yes, both actually happened . . .).  I'm 39.  I blamed it on getting old.  Seemed reasonable.

Recently, however, I felt more and more tired.  Just generally fatigued . . . weak.  Upon returning from my most recent trip to Vegas, in addition to tiredness, I began melting weight.  I wasn't fat to begin with.  But, in three short weeks, I lost nearly 15 pounds.  And, I was up every hour, all night long, heading to the bathroom.  And, I was constantly thirsty.  WebMD said I had Diabetes.  I made an appointment for a physical.  Doctor agreed.        

Diabetes? I thought you had to eat at Arby's; or drink a 2-liter of Mountain Dew everyday; or live in Kentucky.  I'm not overweight.  I exercise regularly.  I don't drink soda.  I eat mainly salads, grilled chicken and salmon, and sushi (except, of course, for weekends at the casinos where my diet is mainly beer, burgers and steaks).  I've been to Kentucky a bunch of times, but only for work, and always just for a day or two (not enough to catch diabetes).  So, what the fuck?

Certainly, diabetes is not the end of the world.  I mean, it should be manageable.  And, I can think of a dozen worse things right of the top of my head (including baldness and erectile dysfunction).  Nevertheless, it's obviously cause for a lifestyle change.  Indeed, this weekend, rather than heading up to AC, I spent most of my time figuring out how to test my blood sugar and cooking food that I can now actually eat.  I did drive out to Charles Town Sunday morning to play a few hours of poker . . . sober.  It's amazing the things you can pick up on at the table when you're not constantly looking for the cocktail waitress to order another round of Jack and diet.

The point is this:  the party is apparently over.  Some people say, "you don't need alcohol to have fun."  I've always thought those people were stupid.  I guess I'll find out who was right.  But, one thing is for sure - this blog will no longer be about tales of degeneracy (although I reserve the right to whip out some old classic Pete P. Peters stories!)



  1. All I can say is Thank God you don't have erectile disfunction. Good for you for taking this seriously. Once you get used to keeping your blood sugar on an even keel you'll be all set and will even be able to have a Jack and Diet! Just stay out of Kentucky. ;)

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  3. Yeah -- I would not have thought you fit the diabetes profile, but one can never tell.

    My father was an alcoholic for a substantial part of his life. As a result, I guess, I do not think that I or any of my siblings have ever been big drinkers. Oh sure -- we have had our times, but none of us ever depended on alcohol to have a good time.

    Life with drinking in moderation is just fine and dandy. There is a big world out there that you miss when you are wasted. You might be surprised.

  4. Oh, so now you're calling me an alcoholic, lightning? Nice. (JK / LOL, as the kids say . . .).

    Yeah, it will take some adjustment tailgating at Jets games this season, etc., without beer. Should be interesting....

  5. Hey dude -- you are still a young pup of 39. Wait till you hit your 50's (or so I have been told) ...

  6. At this rate, I'll be barelling down the strip in one of those motorized scooters, complaining about the buffets, and hitting the sack at 8:30 pm . . .

  7. Wow, p3 - would NEVER have put you at risk for the 'betes! You and Scott Malkenson!

    Sorry to hear that - glad to read you're addressing the issue.


    1. Thanks s.i...... I've got a new hobby... Figuring out how to lower blood sugar...good times

  8. Recommendations for New Blog Title:

    Gettin Old Slowin Down
    The AARP Chronicles
    No Spring Chicken Anymore
    I Had It Once Where Did It Go

    LMAO I can say all this as I am turning 45 soon so I know what it's like :-)

  9. Thanks for the suggestions flush. I'll pick one... And then change the focus of the blog to low impact exercise tips and low carb, high fiber recipes... I'll be over 10 followers in a flash!

  10. Sorry to hear. I can sure relate, got the same diagnosis myself three years ago. Clearly in my case, weight had something to do with it, but there is no history of it in my family at all so it was a bit of a shock.

    The good thing for me was that I was never much of a drinker in the first place so cutting it out was not a big deal for me. And if you get your blood sugar under control you can still have an occasional drink.

    Cutting back on bread, french fries, potato chips and stuff like that was a lot harder for me.

    A big issue for me--especially when I go to Vegas--is always having to anticipate when I'm eating, since I have to take medication 30 minutes before dinner. That really is a pain.

    But since you don't have a weight problem my guess is you'll manage pretty well. Good luck!

  11. Thanks, Cahill. Always helpful, sir!

  12. Read The End of Diabetes by Joel Fuhrman and follow the plan. I went from injecting 120+ units of insulin a day to taking no medicine whatsoever for the last ~5 months and am effectively diabetes free.