Monday, October 15, 2012

Cash Streak Broken

Went 0-4 this weekend at Del Park.  Never really got a good rush going in any of the four tournaments.  I was able to hang around until the 8th to 10th level in each simply by playing TAG and taking down the blinds and antes with the occasional timely raise.  But I never built up a threatening stack.
I busted out gloriously in the Saturday noon event on this hand:
My stack: $16,000 ($15,000 starting stacks).  Blinds $100 / $600 / $1,200.  I'm in the cutoff.  Early position raises to $3,000 and gets three callers.  I look down at 99.  There's $14,800 in the pot already.  I really can't raise here without shoving.  A call seems like awful poker.  So, I shove.  I get called only by the hi-jack, who tables AQ.  Flop comes down 258.  So far, so good.  Turn is a 3.  Still good.  River is a 4.  Dealer starts pushing me the pot.  I start to retake my seat.  Finally, someone speaks up.  Obviously, if you don't see it, you're not alone.  But, hi-jack rivered the wheel and I'm done.
I think I played solid poker, despite the results.  I believe I limped no more than a handful of times all weekend.  I was raising or folding and putting pressure on people.

I played one hand poorly, and it cost me my tournament yesterday afternoon.  I started out strong in the Sunday nooner, and built my starting stack of $12,500 up to $17,500 by the first break.  However, the anti-rush hit me from levels 4 to 6 and I played no more than 2 hands during that period (both of which I won, uncontested with an opening raise).  By level 8, I was still sitting on $15,000 or so.  Certainly not in crisis mode, but needing to make a move sooner rather than later . . .

With blinds at $100 / $600 / $1,200 (yes, again), I found myself with 7(s) 6(d) in the big blind.  The price of poker went up to $3,000 thanks to the gentleman in middle position (who's sitting on approximately $45,000).  Three people called, including the small blind.  I need to call $1,800 into $12,000.  Of course, I make the call.   
Flop:  5 8 2 (two hearts). OESD.  Nice.  I check and it checks around.
Turn:  A (hearts).  I decide to make a play at the pot and bet $4,500 (too small?)   Middle position (the original raiser) thinks a while and calls.  The other two fold.
River: 3 hearts.  I'm sitting on just under $8,000.  Every draw in the world came in.  I really think villain has a decent A.  Is the kicker a heart?  I tank, and contemplate the shove.  In the end, I convince myself that Villain is too deep to fold to another $8,000 and I fold.  Villain showed the A (d).

In hindsight (like, a minute later), I regretted the play.  I mean, if I'm going to semi-bluff the turn, I need to be committed to shoving the river.  Just plain bad poker.

I ultimately busted five minutes later when I open-shoved my last $7,000 with AJ and got called by AK.

After playing nothing but tournaments the past few weeks, I think it might be time to focus again on cash for a bit.  I know that cash plays different than MTT's.  However, I'm contemplating adopting more of my tournament approach to my $1/2 strategy.  Less limping and more raising, especially with my mid-size pocket pairs (77-99).  Also want to open my 3-bet range to include more of those mid-sized pairs.   Of course, the way people like to call any damn hand out here in East-Coast Poker Land, this approach may get expensive and backfire atrociously.  But, I think it's at least worth a shot.

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  1. You'll bounce back - you analyze your play well and you're very honest in your assessment... Hang in there!