Friday, October 12, 2012

Feels like an Arby's Night

Yes, that title has nothing to do with anything.  Except, perhaps, the fact that I still hear Puddy in my head on occasion. 
It's Friday.  It's 2:00 pm EST, in Washington, D.C., America (shout out to "Coach").  I think I've done all the work I'm gonna do this week.  Time for some cardio and lifting.  To paraphrase TBC, "must run immediately."
I'm heading up to Delaware Park later this evening to see if I can keep my tournament streak alive.  I plan on playing the 10:00pm deepstack turbo tonight, the noon tournament tomorrow, and the 7:00 pm tomorrow night.  Yes, I'm ready to grind some cards.  I'm still up in the air on whether I'm going to make the drive to the Meadowlands for Sunday's Jets - Colts shitfest.  I hate wasting tickets, particularly considering how Woody Johnson gouges the fans; but I'm not sure I'm mentally ready to commit to the 5 hour post-game drive up 95 Sunday evening.  Might be a game time decision.  If I skip, I'll prolly end up playing the Sunday nooner as well.   
And, since I'll be at Del Park, I've got a couple of sweet, sweet (yes, sweet) Super Teasers for Sunday:
Teaser 1:  Falcons +.5, Rams +13.5, Giants +14.5, Packers +13.5 ($100 to pay $220)
Teaser 2:  (same above) plus Colts +13.5, Broncos +10.5 ($50 to pay $175)
I mean, seriously folks . . . how can that go wrong?  (tune in Monday morning to find out . . .)
A good weekend to all!

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  1. TBC has done a lot of things immediately, but I don't think running is one of them (unless he sees a woman wearing hooker shoes).