Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Woulda, Shoulda, Coulda . . . Didn't

As you may or may not know, Delaware allows limited sports betting at its casinos.  You can only bet NFL.  And, you can only bet Teasers, "Super Teasers" (10 points), "Reverse Teasers" and Parlays.  Yes, all sucker bets for sure.  But, when you're stuck on the east coast, and it Sunday morning, even a sucker bet seems better than no bet at all.  Fortunately (or, unfortunately, depending on my picks for the week), Delaware Park is just off I-95 (a mile down the road), and its an easy pit stop on the drive up to Atlantic City.  Generally, if I'm heading up north, I'll stop by and lay some action.
Week one of the NFL, I stopped by and placed a large Super Teaser.  There were four "can't lose" games, and it seemed immoral to not take some money from Del Park's coffers.  I don't remember all four of the games, but two of them were Buffalo + points and New Orleans at a pick.  I do remember that three of the four teams lost.  Yep, they ain't called "Teasers" for nothing.
So, last Friday, as I prepared to leave the office and make the trek to AC, I looked over the lines and came up with one Super and one Parlay, the same teams in both:  San Fran, N.E., S.D and Houston.
I got in the car and began the four hour drive to the Jersey shore.  When I got to Delaware, I remembered that the exit for Del Park was closed for construction, and the detour took an additional 20 minutes or so.  I got lazy, and kept driving.  I figured, if I took the time to stop off, the plays would lose; if I didn't place action, the plays would cash.  I'm not sure if that's a "catch-22," but anyone who wagers sports knows that more often than not, it's a fact.  You can guess what happened. . . .  At 11 to 5 for the Super and 6.5 to 1 for the Parlay, I left $860 on the table.  The drive home after the Jets' shit-fest was even more bitter thinking about my no-bets.

Of course, Monday morning, just as I had about gotten over it, I found this sitting on my desk:

Yes, I'm angry all over again.  Particularly since there is NO WAY I'll pick a winner this weekend.  It's an impossibility.  The gambling gods will see to it.  I hate sports betting . . . .



  1. Ha! That's probably the best advice I'll ever ignore !!!!

  2. Sort of like not chasing a hand and seeing your card hit the turn or river?