Friday, November 9, 2012

Return to the Grind

The past few months, my poker focus has clearly been on tournament play.  Prior to this year, my live tournament experience was negligible (and my results even more so).  I played mainly cash, and enjoyed cash more than MTT's.  This year, however, my focus seems to have shifted.  I've spent many weekends at Del Park just playing tournament after tournament.  Even my recent trips to AC have tended to revolve around tournament play (particularly the Golden Nugget Saturday guaranty and the numerous donkaments at the Showboat).  My tournament game seems to be evolving as well.  Aside from my glorious first-out, flame-out  at Charles Town about a month ago, I've run deep in almost every event I've played, and made 4 final tables in October alone.  Unfortunately, I haven't kept records of my tournament play, and have no idea how much I've won or lost on the year (despite recent success, I think I still may be in a small hole). 
As a result of my shifting focus, I've current logged only 160 hours of cash play year to date.  And, my results have been less than stellar -- down about $175 after getting stacked last Saturday night at the $1/$1 game at Bally's. 
Well, this weekend, I'm heading back to the grind.  I plan on driving out to Dover on Saturday to play 5 hours or so during the afternoon, and then another long session after dinner.  It's been about 6 months since I've made the drive out to Dover.  It's a small, but nice, room.  Lots of regulars, but fairly friendly players (a lot less hoodies and sunglasses than most rooms).  The play is usually a bit South of solid, even though the action is a lot tighter than The Chuck.  I usually find its a good place to get my cash game back on track.  Hopefully that will be the case this weekend.
Happy grinding!

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