Saturday, November 17, 2012

Saturday Hand Analysis

Follows is a hand that was played at Charles Town earlier today.  Pete Peters went heads up with a very capable villain.  Pete began the hand with approximately $300.  Villain had Pete covered.  Pete is in position with Ac Qh.  Villain limps from early position.  Middle Position calls $2.  Pete raises to $12.  Villain Calls.  MP calls.

FLOP:  [Pot $39]:  6s Ad Qs

Villain checks.  MP checks.  Pete bets $28.  Villain raises to $80.  MP folds.  Pete calls $52 on top.

Turn [Pot: $199]:  Ks

Villain checks.  Pete checks.

River 5s

Villain checks.  Pete checks.

Villain shows Ah 6h. 

After the hand, Villain commented repeatedly to his end of the table, "I lost the minimum there . . . "

Question is:  Did Pete lose value anywhere on the hand?  After going check, check, could Pete bet the river for value in this spot? 

Of note, Villain also claimed he thought about firing the river.  If he does, I'm pretty sure its an insta-fold.


  1. If the player was good, as you have mentioned, I think I would have acted differently after his raise to $80. He obviously did not have A-A or Q-Q and was protecting against the flush draw. Either he has the one hand that is ahead of you (6-6) or he is behind. Seems to me the decision should be shove or fold, not call. But ... after calling, I think I would not have called behind after his check on the turn, but would have raised. On the river I would have been suspicious of running into the Ace of Spades and would likely have checked.

    Ah -- driving is much easier from the back seat!

  2. Get it on the flop. I'm not quite sure what you're afraid of; flopped 6's are really the only hand you're fearing. Get it in on the flop.

    Yes, you did miss value; on the flop. I don't think you can bet the river for value here because only a spade is calling the river.

    FWIW, if you're up against a flopped set, so be it.

    One other thing: at the Chuck, I like raises of $15 or so when you have one caller. You should have gone to the flop with $45 in the pot and easily gotten it in.

  3. Yeah, I was thinking 66. Think I'm playing too tight. Have to start playing more aggressive and be willing to deal with a little more variance in my life! Thanks, gentlemen

  4. Hello PPP,

    I saw a couple of your posts and your raises seem to follow the same path. Raise to 12 pre, 3 handed and checked to you, bet 28. I can understand that line if you have only a single pair.

    In this case, I can rule out the possiblity of a flush draw from the villian. When he reraises you to 80, I would stick it in on the flop as Poker Meister suggested or as played on the flop, I would have bet 80 on turn to see where I am.

  5. Thanks Anon. I've been giving this hand a lot of thought the past few days. Think Lightening and PM (and you) are absolutely right - I should have shoved the flop. I basically ruled out AA and QQ, so the only hand I'm worried about is 66. Can't suffer from "monster under the bed syndrome," which Poker Grump mentioned recently. Need to get the money in and, in the unlikely event he flopped a set, so be it . . .