Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Happy Holidays From Pete

A Merry Christmas to fellow bloggers and readers!  Hope everyone is having a fun holiday.
Yes, it's Christmas.  I'm at my parents house in an undisclosed location in Jean, Nevada (I mean, Long Island . . .).  It's 3:00 pm.  I'm trying to finish a memo that's due this week (client wants it billed during 2012 . . .) so I can head to Harrah's tomorrow for 4 days of poker with nothing hanging over my head.
I stopped by AC for three days on the drive up from D.C. to spend the weekend at Borgata.  I really only got in one good session of $1/2 NL -- an 8 hour run Sunday afternoon/evening, in which I dropped $57.  It was one of those sessions where nothing really went right.  I was in the 7 seat.  Across the table from me, in the 2 seat, was perhaps the biggest luckbox I've encountered.  Over the course of the afternoon, he flopped sets/boats/trips at least 15 times.   He drew to flushes/straights repeatedly as well.  If ever the board was paired, he'd turn up with trips.  It was just sick.  He built his stack to over $1,200 during his heater.  He showed just about every hand, as his flopping the nutz over and over and over had apparently become a running joke (funny to no one except said luckbox, of course).
For my part, I hit very few hands.  And, when I flopped a rare hand, and bet it, I was re-raised.  Every Time.  Nothing was easy.  The first instance was a hand against Luckbox.  He limped in from middle position along with the cutoff.  I checked my option in the big blind with Q 9 off.  The flop came down QK9 rainbow.  I checked.  Luckbox bet $15.  He bet everything.  $15 into a $7 pot was not uncharacteristic of him.  It also had no rhyme or meaning either.  Cutoff folded, and I just called.  The turn was a meaningless 7.  Luckbox bet $25.  I raised to $85.  He re-raises to $175.  Huh?  Really?  What?  Again?  Can he have it AGAIN!?!?  Luckbox has shown down nearly every hand he's won, and has always had a monster.  I say to him, "JT?  Really?  OK.  I'll give you credit for the str8t . . ."  I muck and he replies, "how about KT?".  Um.  Top pair, shitty kicker and a gutshot draw.  Nice one.  I folded the 73% favorite.  I told him, "Nice Bluff . . ."  He stared back blankly, not grasping the implication.  If I thought for a moment he was representing the straight and trying to push me off a hand, I'd give him credit for his play.  I'm confident he wasn't.  Just sickening. 
A little while later, I again limped in, this time from the small blind, with A7 off.  The flop came down 5 A 7.  It checks to me and I bet.  Young kid calls.  Turn is a 2.  It checks to me and I bet again.  Kid raises me 4x.  Great.  Did he limp in with 34?  Or is he protecting his hand?  This time I call.  We both checked the river, and he shows down 57.  Nice.
An hour later, I again get into it with the kid, just as I'm about ready to call it a day.  This time he again limped in and I raised to $12 with KQ from the hijack.  He calls the $10 on top.  Flop comes out K 7 4 rainbow.  He checks.  I bet $17.  He raises to $65.  Huh?  What?  Again?  What's he doing?  Does he think I fired a C-Bet and he's trying to steal?  Or is he trying to protect his hand from some phantom monster?  I had seen this kid attempt to protect a flopped set earlier on in the session on a fairly dry board.  In my mind, he had made his raise a street too early, and I recall thinking he lost some value.  Was he again overplaying a big hand?  In the end, with only top pair, and with my chips nearly in the rack already, I folded . . . face up.  Kid said, "do you want to see?"  I told him I didn't care (and I really didn't at that point).  He showed anyway . . . pocket 44's.  Thanks, I guess. He certainly lost some value as I was good for at least one more bet . . .
In the end, based on the way the cards fell for most of the day, a $57 loss was a huge win in my mind  . . .          


  1. u folding the 2 pair says something bad about ur play not his

  2. Tony, you think it's too tight? Are you stacking off with two pair? Are you considering what hands Villain might be re-raising you with? Does it matter to you what my table image was at this point? Are you shoving two pair always? Curious what your thought process is here (other than that you think apparently I'm bad at poker . . .)

  3. i mean im not surprised that he thinks he is leading there, and reraising u. u shouldve considered he would think he is ahead with one pair hands such as aa too

  4. I did consider that he might have a pair. But I went with a different read. As I mentioned in the post, he had been showing down really big hands all afternoon. He had not shown any proclivity to overplay his hands. Sure, against some villains, Q9 is a shove. But my read was that this particular villain was not playing top pair in this spot. Yes, my read was wrong, and I folded a winner. But, my sense is that if you ASSUME your typical villain is re-raising, and willing to stack off, with only top pair in these types of spots -- if that's your "fall back," baseline read, you're gonna go broke making bad calls.

    But, maybe I over think things and give people too much credit. Perhaps I'm playing too tight and leaving money on the table. Maybe if my fallback assumption is that every player is a horrible fish until proven otherwise, I would make more money. But I happen to take the opposite approach - I give a player credit for NOT being a complete donk who thinks his top pair, mediocre kicker is the fucken nutz and is ready to stack off with it . . until they give me reason to think they are that bad.

  5. "Yes, it's Christmas. I'm at my parents house in an undisclosed location in Jean, Nevada (I mean, Long Island . . .)."

    Yes -- I laughed out loud when I read this!

    Wishing you a great holiday season, "Mr. Peters."

  6. Right back at you lightning . . . if that's even your real name . . .