Sunday, December 16, 2012

'Tis the Season . . .

. . . the season for some DMB! 
It's Sunday.  I'm procrastinating before hitting the gym to lift some (relatively) heavy things.  I'm in recovery mode after two nights of awesome live music.  Friday night, O.A.R. played a benefit show at Strathmore Center for the Performing Arts.   O.A.R happens to be one of my favorite bands, and Strathmore happens to be less than a mile down the road.  So, after work, I pocketed a few road colas and headed towards the show on foot. 
The seats were OK.  Front row is good, but it would have been nice to be a little more dead center.  Live and learn.
The band played the second half of the show with the Beethoven Founds Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra which was an interesting change of pace.  The show benefited the Wounded Warriors.

Saturday morning, it was off to DMB Mecca, otherwise known as Charlottesville, Virgina.  The band was founded in C-Ville in the early 1990's, when Dave was a bartender at the local dive bar, Millers.  The band's stops in Charlottesville turn the entire UVA area into a giant party.  This weekend was no exception.

Who doesn't love a little Watchtower to end an evening?
DMB has been/is touring most of December.  Last night's show was my second of the month.  The third will be Tuesday night when the band hits Baltimore.  And, of course, I can't pass up the show at Wells Fargo Center in Philly on Saturday.  It will suck to have to leave the poker room at Borgata for a few hours over the weekend.  But, in the end, life is all about sacrifice, isn't it?      

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