Saturday, January 5, 2013

In the Black

Drove out to Dover for the first session of the new year.  After four hours, I found myself down $60.  Then this weird hand occurred:

I'm in the small blind with A6 spades.  Five people limp.  I complete, and big blind checks her option.

Flop comes down AAK.  I check, and it checks around.

Turn is a 6.  I check again, figuring someone has to at least take a stab at the pot.  But it checks around.

River is an 8.  I lead for $12.  Fold.  Fold.  Fold. Fold.  Fold.  Button RAISES to $25.  Interesting.  Button has about $150 behind after his raise.  I figure he has a big hand, but doubt he limped with AK after 4 limpers.  I raise to $75, hoping he shoves.  He snap shoves.  I call.  He tables 66 for sixes-full.

Not sure I played the hand particularly well, but it worked out.  If I bet the turn, we end up in the same place...

After starting 2012 in a $2,000 hole by the third week of January, it's nice to jump out in the black...


  1. Why are you questioning whether you played the hand particularly well? I think you played it perfectly. If he has any Ace, he likely flats and "hopes for the river suckout" or believes he's way ahead. You tried to get your money in good and did so with a 1 outter. You played it perfectly both results oriented and technically. You got your money in with the second nuts when the first nuts was not a very likely hand.

    Good job and congrats on working your way out of the hole.

  2. Congrats on the nice start to 2013. Not sure why you question how you played the hand.

  3. Congrats on getting a guy to pay you off!
    That always feels good

  4. P-CUBE, you played it well, there is only one hand that is beating you (though it is possible at DP, it is highly unlikely), so, you shouldn't even have a doubt.

    If the V shows AK in that instance hats off to him for a well played hand. I was thinking more in the lines of V having pocket 8's.


  5. Thanks for the comments. I guess my apprehension with the way I played the hand is this -- I felt like I may have played it too passively by not at least trying to build a pot on the turn (taking a non-results oriented analysis, of course . . .)

    Obviously, the way the hand played out, I can't complain. But, results aside, and assuming villain had not turned the boat, do I lose value over the long run by waiting to the river to lead out? With 7 people in the hand, chances are someone picked up a small pair or a draw. If I lead for $7 on the turn, can I create a cascade of calls and build a decent size pot... Then, assuming someone does have some part of the board, maybe I get paid off with a value bet on the river . . .

  6. Okay. Couple of comments based on the above:
    You're in a way ahead / way behind situation. You don't give the texture of the board so I don't know whether it was 2 flush or what, but there are a bunch of Aces crushing you if you lead out and get called (2 combos possibly call you with draws (JT, QJ) and ...PERHAPS... Kx on the flop. You can't expect a ton of value from Kx, so it would be good for the turn to be a K. Realize that there are 5 combos of Aces that you beat / chop & 7 combos that have you crushed to running high cards, and you're out of position. If someone flop leads, I think you can flat and check, expecting another bet. By leading, though, you're closing out a ton of bluffs that late position players can execute and committing more money when you're in the way behind situation.

    For the turn, since no one stabbed, I like a weak lead here ($10-12) just to get some value from a timid K or a sticky 2 pair. However, you can check again, just as you did. Realize very few times, though, you're going to give a free card and they may wind up hitting their set. Although not often, it is a consideration but I expect you to pot control with a vulnerable non-nut hand like you have when the action gets strong.

    Finally, the river. I think you 1-timed someone (or he 1-timed himself) by hitting the case 6 and filling you both. I misread the history in my original comment, and realize now that A8 / AK are ahead of you. Again, though, I doubt you're ever laying down the 3rd nuts when the AK combo is just so unlikely. You're essentially up against trip Aces (okay kicker) and sets (like you were up against).

    In closing, I don't think you played the hand passively. Again, by checking from out of position, you give others an opportunity to give you bluff $$$. That's the way you make money with the hand.