Saturday, February 9, 2013

It Feels Like 2002 All Over Again

Another weekend in the office.  That's two in a row.  Fourteen straight days of work; and the streak will hit twenty by next Friday.  I'm no longer conditioned for this.  But I use to be...
From 2000 to 2010, I spent ten years grinding away at one of the biggest firms in the country -- 1000-plus lawyers . . . 20-plus offices.  A network of assholes spanning the globe.  I was use to working weeks on end without a day off.  I even racked up a handful of over-nighters (badges of honor for young associates) during that span -- working 30 to 34 hours straight, usually to meet some fake "deadline" imposed by a client accustom to treating its counsel for what they sort of are -- just another service industry employee - like a plumber or an electrician, only with seven years of higher education and an unjustifiable super-sized ego. 
Those days are (fortunately) gone.  I work for a small firm now (albeit doing the same work, for many of the same clients, as I did before).  I actually like the people I work with.  Indeed, it's been over a year since I've come into the office and wanted to punch someone in the neck.  I haven't pulled an all-nighter in years (I'm not even sure I'm physically capable of it any more).  And, I've rarely worked weekends over the past year.  So, while this current streak feels like somewhat of a burden, I should prolly just suck it up and do my job.
As a result of all this work, however, I have not hit a poker table in nearly three weeks. And, I've only played 3 hours of cash year to date.  This needs to change. 
Therefore, Friday evening, the minute this streak ends, I'm off to Vegas for the holiday weekend.  Cocktails on the 8:35 direct from DCA.  Using miles for the flights, three nights comped at the PH, and rolling into town with winning futures tickets in my pocket - Tigers AL Champs and Ravens AFC Champs.  Nothing like freerolling a trip to The Strip.  Hope to run into some of you there!       


  1. Dang -- talk about poor timing -- just missed you. Good luck, relax, have fun and felt dem donkeys!

  2. How did your trip end up? Looking forward to reading about it on your blog!

  3. Would love to meet up with you when you are in town.
    Last time I didn't get a chance!

  4. Sounds like a plan, Serge . . . It will be a short trip, but I should have some time.

    FYI, I'll be back again in March for 4 days, and then 10 days in July during the Series . . . Can't wait for that trip!

  5. Oh yeah -- don't forget to scope out the amputee sex scene.

    1. Lightning?
      Where is this?
      I've been dying to bang a quad

  6. Oh, so that's Ceasar's renamed the IP.... I'm going dinner at Hash House and no arms....

  7. P Cube,

    Are you planning to play any of the Aria/Venetian tournaments?