Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Who Are The Ad Wizards That Came Up With THAT One?

Well, as predicted, this didn't take long:


Less than a year, in fact . . .
It just goes to show that non-casino companies should not run casinos.  Who thought you could build a "resort" in Atlantic City, charge $500 a night for rooms, and not comp regulars?  Really?  REALLY?  You can build the most beautiful resort in the world, but without a strong customer loyalty program (Total Rewards, MLIFE . . .) you are doomed. 
I posted this picture a month or so back -- Revel on a Saturday night:

Empty.  And this was typical.

Cosmo in Vegas has to be next.  I walked through on the way to Aria last Sunday.  It was dead.  I mean, I've never experienced a casino with such total lack of energy.  Sure, you can corner the market on the twenty-two year old douche bag crowd, and pack Marquee Day Club  (whatever the fuck that is) all weekend long, but successful casinos thrive on gamblers.  With some exceptions (of course), the twenty-something crowd comes to party, not gamble.  And no amount of cover charges or $12 drinks will keep the lights on for long.  Seems simple; but apparently not simple enough for some folks. 

On a similar note, I wonder how Steve Wynn feels now about his Beach Club at Encore?  It was an unusual sight last July to walk through the lobby at Wynn and see security trying to move the numerous half-dressed drunken assholes who were laying on the floor after a freak afternoon storm emptied the pool next door.  Likewise, in the long run, how will The Pool work out for Harrah's AC?  Sure, it's apparently one of the hottest clubs in the area.  But I laugh every time I hear some young punk whining about how he's down $80 at the black jack tables.  And, on top of it all, these kids are destroying Harrah's Waterfront Tower.  These use to be premium rooms on par with Borgata.  Now, they are basically trashed.  Harrah's charges these kids (yes, I'm turning 40 in a week or so, and I reserve the right to refer to them as kids) full rates ($400 or $450 a night) for rooms; but Sunday morning, the elevators are full of hungover punks carrying sleeping bags and air mattresses, as they are packing 5 or 6 people into one room.  It's gotten to the point that Harrah's is actually booking them on certain floors of the Tower, apparently attempting to preserve the rest for non-asshats.

[On a side note, the Beach Club at Encore is PACKED with talent.  Smoke show after smoke show; the kind of scene that both makes you happy to be alive and, yet, frustrated as shit to be so damn old, all at the same time.  The Pool at Harrah's, on the other hand, is full of chicks from Long Island and Jersey who give meaning to the phrase "10 pounds of sausage stuffed into a 5 pound sack"]

Anyway, apparently over the past 5 minutes of typing, my "told you so" regarding Revel turned into another old man rant, so I'll cut this short.

In closing, I'll be curious to see if Revel starts operating like a real casino when it emerges from the courts. 

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