Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Face Up - Scam?

So . . . I signed up for Face Up Gaming probably six months or so ago.  I bought the "gold package," which costs $24 a month, and is automatically rebilled every cycle.  I used it zero times.  I recall trying it out initially, and then getting fed up with the format and lack of action.  In fact, I had completely forgotten I joined until I checked my credit card statement this morning. 
Long story short, I logged on to cancel my account, and could not find any means of doing so.  I mean, apparently, it's easier to cancel a shady porn site than it is to cancel Face Up.  So, I emailed customer service, and got this fucked up response:
Ask live chat support, or via e-mail support@faceupgaming.com. Also, please be aware, that you need to ask about it not less than 3 days before the payment day, so we downgrade you immediately, otherwise, system could not update your status and you still will be charged.

Please, let me clarify this. If I downgrade your account then you won't have Gold membership privileges immediately any more longer. Also, you need to do this not less than 3 days before next payment, otherwise you still could be charged. We don't take any requests beforehand. Only on-the-spot decision. If you agree to downgrade right now, please, confirm.

Could you please provide us with feedback about your experience at our site and/or the reasons of cancellation.

For real?

Of course, the suggestion to email "support" was sort of useless, given that it was my email to support which triggered their response in the first place.  I wrote back and said:  "unsubscribe IMMEDIATELY."  So far, no response.
Has anyone else tried to cancel an account with Face Up, or am I the only idiot who actually paid for a monthly subscription?


  1. Give me your $24 / month and I'll show you a boob or 2! And, I'll let you out of the contract when you get bored looking at my boobs.

  2. Interesting. Do you offer live web-cam?

  3. Live web-cam is extra. That's part of the "Gold" package, similar to the Face Up offering. We call this the "Tits Up" package.

  4. PP it will be easier to cancel the card and be issued a new card.

  5. I never paid for a membership. It is a +EV place for me as I invested very little time there and won an iPad and a pair of Blue Shark poker sunglasses. The iPad was a huge surprise as I thought I was not eligible as one of the people playing free in a tournament sponsored by ex-blogger AlCantHang. It was sent to me immediately and the sunglasses took a couple of weeks to get.

    btw -- Count me out on The Poker Meister's boob show. Now, however, if his wife is part of the show ... he he...

    1. I'm already on the pay-everyday plan for my wife... It's a losing proposition - trust me.

  6. the pokermeister is a good guy. his 200 btc on seals is now at 1400 and i hear 1000 btc is now worth $43

  7. I had the exact same problem a few years back (different company but online gaming none the less) and the only way I could cancel was to do as Zin suggests, cancel the card.
    The term "legalised robbery" springs to mind ....