Friday, March 22, 2013

Salad Bomb: My Most Exciting Post Ever !

Years ago, I was hanging out by the beach in Santa Monica.  I decided to walk over to the Third Street Promenade to grab dinner.  Where does a classy guy like me dine whilst in L.A.?  California Pizza Kitchen, of course.  I sat down, grabbed a beer, and looked at the menu.  Back then, California was ahead of the times -- the menu contained nutritional content.  I remember looking at the salads.  Damn!!!  The salads were worse than the pizzas.  How the fuck!?!?
Flash forward some years to last night.  I had to stop by the mall to pick up a tie to match a suit I hadn't worn in years.  I decided to stop by CPK to grab dinner.  Now, given certain fairly recent events, I'm more conscious of diet than ever.  I typically limit my carbohydrate intake to 100 grams or less a day, and many of those 100 grams come from things like peanut butter, protein shakes and Greek yogurt.  Pizza is just out of the question.  So I figured I'd get a salad.  I knew it wasn't healthy for me; but I'm not that concerned these days with things like fat.  So, I ordered a BBQ Chicken Salad, drove home and began to eat.  Half way through, I whipped out the IPAD to take a look at the nutritional content:
Full BBQ Chicken Salad (sans Avocado):
Calories:               1,160
Fat:                        65
Saturated fat:         18
Carbohydrates:      98
Sugars:                  21
Now, I fully expected the calories and the fat totals.  But the carbs?!?!?  100 grams of carbs?!?!?  In a salad?!?!?  How the hell can you fit 100 grams of carbs in a fucken salad!?!?
By way of reference, the Margherita Pizza has the following:
Calories:              1,040
Fat:                       52                  
Saturated fat:        22
Carbohydrates:     98
Sugars:                  7
I mean, seriously - how does a salad contain the same number of carbs as a pizza?  It can't all be the dressing, right?


  1. Exciting post! Interesting that a salad has the same carbs as a pizza. I've never looked into any of that myself. I'd be scared to see what goes into my body, but I figured a salad would be a better option than pizza.

  2. You're looking at the full salad which is enough for 2 people. My wife says the half is the proper serving size.

  3. I think I'd be starving after a half . . . and would still have consumed a crapload of fat and carbs!

  4. It's the dressing and the bbq sauce (its all sugar which is carbs) on the chicken....plus you know, veggies are carbs....they're good carbs but they're carbs.

    Glad to read such an exciting post!

  5. Josie, just glad you read it early in the day. I'd hate for the excitment to keep you up late at night!

  6. PP just eat the freaking salad, lol. Forget all the numbers its all about portion control.

  7. It is difficult to get almost anything healthy in most restaurants. If they cut out fat they usually sub in sugars. And as you knew, many restaurants load their salads with lots of fat and calorie laden ingredients.

    Man -- this eating healthy stuff is for the birds. I long for the good old days when I could just eat what I wanted. Of course, that attitude came back to haunt me the past couple of years ...

  8. So the moral of the story is that when in doubt, you should eat pizza... You are an EXCELLENT writer! :)

  9. Yup. Pretty much, Coach.

    Just followed up the most exciting salad-related post in blog history with the most exciting weekend in Florida for a family wedding every. It's 5:15 am at Palm Beach International. If I can stay awake til noon, perhaps I'll post details in the blog post to end ALL blog posts.... As a preview, it will involve weather . . . Old folks . . . And my mom yelling at me for "binge drinking"....