Thursday, March 28, 2013

What's My Motivation?

After a fairly busy month or two at the office, including a handful of weekends, I've officially lost my motivation.  Compounding matters, anyone with authority to fire me is off for the week on "Spring Break" (whatever that means).  I'm basically this guy:
Well, probably more like this guy:
But I digress . . .
As a result, I haven't gotten in to the office before 9:30 all week . . . I haven't shaved in 5 days . . .  and I'm currently wearing sneakers.  I've been getting looks from the "suits" around the building.  What?  You think you better than me cause you got a fucken tie and carry a briefcase?!?!?  I also took a handful of breaks over the past few days to play some freerolls on Seals with Clubs.  Or Clubs with Seals.  Whichever it is.  If people can take cigarette breaks, I should be able to play a freeroll at my desk every now and then.  I had the pleasure of playing a few hands with my pal Tony Bigcharles the other day.  While his Seals' screen name lacked any hints at his identity, his on-line chatter quickly gave him away.  I managed to final table 6 of 8 tournaments played, but only cashed once (top 3 always paid).  I now have 17 Seals chips which, if my calculations are correct, constitutes about 7 cents USD.  So, I have that going for me . . .
In fact, most of my effort this week went into Wednesday night's 2013 fantasy draft.  12 team, H2H, and very competitive (we even have a MLB scout in the league, whose soul I take great pleasure in crushing every year).  I had a decent pre-draft strategy, which included punting on catcher and shortstop (with the hopes of drafting guys like Lucroy and Simmons in garbage rounds), and filling my relief spots which qualifying starters.  Overall, I think I carried the plan out fairly well, and my team ended up relatively balanced:
Catcher: J. Montero; First: Rizzo; Second: Cano; Short: Simmons; Third; Prado; Outfield: Bautista; Outfield: Heyward; Outfield: Jennings; Utility: Hosmer; Utility: Brantley
SP: Darvish; Sale; Cobb; Holland; Estrada
RP:  Medlen; Ogando
Bench: Profar; Eaton; Teheran; S. Miller
At the moment, my team is tastefully named: "Natural Born Killers," with the following Avatar:
[Notice the poker-themed glassware, which brings it all home for this blog . . .]
By Monday, after I've thoroughly offended the rest of the league, I'll switch the name to "H to the Rizzo" - a play on my first baseman and shout out to Jigga.   Thank god baseball is back....
Anyway, as you may have noticed, this blog has lacked poker content recently.  That will change this weekend.  I'm heading up to AC tomorrow afternoon, and will definitely be playing a few tournaments and, possibly, some cash (while I've still only played 8 hours of cash this year, that will all change this summer when Maryland Live! opens up its poker room).  I'm eyeing the 8:00pm $10,000 guarantee at Revel tomorrow night; but after the long drive up to Jersey, I may end up just grinding VP and waiting for the Saturday afternoon tournaments.  
That's all for now.


  1. Not looking forward to baseball this year; I'm surprised that you are. The Mets are gonna suck almost as bad as the Yankees. The only solace we can take is that the Nats are likely the odds on favorite to win the World Series...

    I feel your pain, though, brother... I've had 0 time to play lately as well. Sucky, but it is good to play online again as a substitute.

    1. Difference is, as a Mets fan, I've had no hope for years. I'm use to this. I've found other ways to enjoy the season! And, I can't pull for the Nats, being in the same division and all. I've adopted the O's as a second favorite team (yeah, I like losers).

  2. You realize that you have posted a picture of MY woman on your blog (http://lightning36.blogspot.com/2011/07/casey-anthony-will-you-marry-me.html). You are treading on thin ice.

    You have been warned.

    1. There's little doubt she's the hottest murderer ever.

  3. She has no problem sucking or blowing looking at the pic. Being a Mets fan is better than being a Houston Lastros fan. Anyway baseball does not officially start till the playoffs imho same as NBA.

  4. Yeah; Astros are going to get absolutely brutalized in that division. Even Seattle is going to be decent this season....

  5. ur calcuations are way off 17 seals chips are worth 14c to 15c, not 7c