Saturday, April 20, 2013

Hello Again $1/2 NL

It's Saturday morning.  I'm grabbing coffee at the Club Lounge at the Sheraton AC before heading over to Borgata to grind some cash for the afternoon.

Last night, I rolled into AC around 7:30.  I briefly thought about playing the Revel 8:00pm.  But Matt Harvey was dueling Stephen Strasburg on the TV at Tun Tavern.  Poker could wait a bit.

Eventually, I ended up at Showboat and sat down for some $1/2 NL.  I hadn't played cash since Bally's Vegas a few months back.  But it's like riding a bike, right?  (I assume, if forced, I could still ride a bike...).  I was card dead from the get-go, but I managed to steal some hands to keep my stack even.  A few were simple continuation bets . . . One hand, I opened to $10 with 89 off.  I got two callers.  Flop came out fairly dry.  The dude next to me donks out for $18.  I raised to $56 and it folded around.  Fun game.

Yet, in the end, you still sort of need SOME cards to bank a profit.  I had none, and my stack started to dwindle.  Then I tortured AK from the button.  It folded around and I limped big slick against the big blind.  Flop came out K59.  I checked, and he bet.  I called.  Turn was a 5.  I checked, he bet, I called.  River was an A.  I checked, he bet, I called, he showed 75, I flashed my hand to small blind who offered, "you should raise with AK," I thanked him for his advice...

Only one hand really bothered me all night.  I don't recall the specifics of the board, but I had limped from early position with J8 spades (like any good poker player would).  Flop came out all hearts, and gave me a double gutter.  It checked around.  The turn was a T, giving me the straight.  I led out for $12 or so and got called in two spots - idiot 1, and idiot 2.  River put a higher straight on the board.  Hero, undeterred, led for $25.  Idiot 1 called.  Idiot 2, who was new to the table, raises to $65.  Hmmm.  With idiot 1 behind me, and with a flush and better straight on the board, I fold.  Idiot 1 calls.  Idiot 1 tables the 67th nuts, a/k/a top pair.  Idiot 2 shows two pair.  I get up and grab a beer...

Today is another day.


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  1. "I had limped from early position with J8 spades (like any good poker player would)"

    J-8 sooted is da nutz!