Monday, April 1, 2013

I Just Couldn't Resist

First things first -- Happy Opening Day!  This might be my favorite day of the year.  Seriously.  I ordered the Comcast Extra Innings Package first thing this morning, and have MLB.Com set up and running in the office:


I made the trip to Harrah's this weekend.  I arrived Friday around 6:00 pm and checked in to the Waterfront Tower with a sweet view of the bay. 

I grabbed a quick dinner, donked a bit of VP, and headed over to Revel for the 8:00 pm. $10,000 guarantee.  $15,000 starting stacks, 20 minute levels and 148 runners.  Not bad for a Friday night.
Things got off to a good start, winning the first 5 hands played.  Hand # 4 was a seemingly irrelevant hand at the time; but it set up a massive hand 20 minutes later.  Blinds are $25/$50.  The player in early position -- a regular at the weekend tournaments; morbidly obese; semi retarded-looking mouthbreather -- opens to $200.  Middle position calls.  I look down at AK off and decide to flat.  Flop comes down 8 high rainbow.  It checks around.  Turn blanks.  It checks to me in position, and I bet $275.  Mouthbreather calls, and middle position folds.  River is a T.  No draws come in.  It checks to me, and I bet $500.  Mouthbreather calls and tables AJ.  My AK takes the pot, and I hear him say to the guy next to him, "I knew he had shit . . ."
Fast forward 20 minutes.  Blinds $50/$100.  Mushmouth opens to $300.  Middle position calls.  I'm in position, and look down at Cowboys.  I repop to $1,800.  Mouthbreather fourbets to $3,800.  I jam.  He calls and tables JJ.  Pocket KK's hold.   Pretty poorly played hand on his part.  It's the second level.  I just 5-bet shoved.  I mean, is JJ ever ahead of anything but a bluff in that spot?  Now, I can't be sure, but I think my double-barrel with Ace high the previous level may have  gotten me the double-up on this hand.  
I steadily build my stack the first three levels, and hit the break with $44,000:

During Level 4, the wheels fell off.

Shortly after the the break, a hand occurred between a young guy in the seven seat and the older Asian in the one seat.  Old Asian has young guy covered about 2-1.  They reach the river and the seven seat shoves.  Old Asian asks him if "he has a pair."  Seven responds, "yes, I have a pair."  Old Asian clarifies, "do you have two pair?"  I'm fucken bored of this charade already.  Seven repeats, "I have a pair."  Old Asian calls with top pair, decent kicker.  Seven shows two pair.  Old Asian actually appears upset, and starts calling Seven a liar. 
Fast forward a few minutes, and Old Asian and I get involved.  I'm sitting on $44,000.  Old Asian has about $19,000.  He limps in from early position, and I raise to $800 with AQ.   Asian calls.
FLOP (pot $2,050):  A 6 2
Old Asian checks.  I bet $1,400.  Old Asian raises to $6,500.  I call.  While I don't like being check-raised, my thought is that Old Asian is trying to blow me off A-high.  I'm confident my hand is good.
TURN (pot $15,050).  T
Old Asian shoves $11,000.
One of two things is possible.  Old Asian is tilting.  Or, Old Asian limp called with Ace-trash and flopped two pair (of course, a random set of 22 or 66 is also possible, but discounted as I don't think Villain would have check-raised the flop with that strong a holding given the dry board). 
I'm getting about 2.3 for a call.  If I'm wrong, I'll still have an above-average stack.  If I'm right, I'll have a HUGE stack for Level 4.  I'm leaning towards a call, even though I really have a feeling he limp-called with A6.  As I'm thinking, Old Asian stands up and says, "OK.  Time to play craps."  Seriously?  He's giving me the fucken speech now?  I say out loud: "great . . . he's giving the speech.  He clearly has two-pair."  Out of the corner of my eye, I see the kid next to me - a dealer at Borgata and a solid player -- shaking is head (indicating no).  Now, I'm still not sure whether this influenced me or not.  But I call.  Old Asian shows A6.  River blanks, and I'm down to $26,000.
This hand really bothered me.  A6 made so much sense, against this Villain and in this spot (i.e., a lose villain, who just called an all in with less than TPTK, and was visible on tilt - very easy for him to make a bad limp-call with a weak ace).  And the speech!!  I knew what it meant (unless the old guy was trying to level me), and I ignored it.  I got what I deserved.
About five hands later, I look down at AJ and open to $800.  An older gentlemen in late position calls.  He has about $16,000 chips.  Flop comes out A 4 8 all hearts.  I lead for $1,200.  Villain tanks.  He genuinely seems to be considering this call.  He ultimately makes it.  I put him on a draw.  Turn is a black Jack, giving me aces up.  I bet a little less than the pot.  Villain again calls.  River blanks, I check hoping to induce a bluff.  Villain shoves; I snap call; villain shows KQ hearts for the flopped nutz.  Um, good read P3.  Two brutal hands in 10 minutes and my stack is decimated.
I ended up bringing my stack back from $10,000 to $22,000, slowly, over the course of four levels.  But, after the third break, blinds were $2,000/$4,000 and I didn't have much room to play around.  I ended up shoving AT against JJ and didn't improve.  Then, to finish my collapse, I shoved A6 suited against AJ and saw the board run out blank.  Finished 43 at around 12:30 am.
Revel Poker is really starting to kick some ass.  The tournaments are doing well, and, Saturday evening, they had the second most cash tables running (behind only Borgata).  The room is beautiful, and the waitresses and female dealers are even hotter.   Revel is my favorite room on the east coast at the moment.


  1. I really enjoy the way you recap your tournaments. Makes me want to drive to the nearest casino right now.

    I took the day off work and am watching the Cubs lead the Pirates 2-0. Of course, nearly every Cub out has been a strikeout, but I guess it is the first game of the season.

    1. Gotta love opening day! 3-0 now!

    2. P.S. - Do you have any sway with the White Sox play-by-play guy? I love watching Chris Sale throw, but his "HE GONE!!!!" strike out call makes me want to shoot myself.

      Please advise.

    3. I believe that you will have a greater appreciation for his call if you start using it at the poker tables when you bust other players (cash or tourney) - "HE GONE!!!..." ;)

  2. Houston Astros formally known as the Houston Lastros are in 1st place, lol.

  3. Are those Revel tournament chips as LOL as they look?

  4. Based on your post, I would say to stop posting photos of the chips and start posting photos of the cocktail servers.

  5. Nice work P Cube!

    Did you make use of their free room offer? Play cash for 6 hours or something for a free weekday room.

    Do you have an idea how their weekday tournaments are doing (in terms of numbers)?

    In the hand with the old Asian Guy the I feel the following were the cues:

    1. His check raise on flop followed by a shove on the turn are indicating something better than a pair.
    2. His speech in the end sealed the deal for me.

    These days I am really rethinking how the hands is getting played out at every street. Especially in tournaments it helps to re-evaluate the hand at every street. If someone is calling your pre and post flop bets (that's two barrels) I would re-evaluate my thought process and give them credit and rethink my hand.

    At the end of the day in the tournaments you want to loose the minimum if you think you might have a second best and win the maximum with your nut hands.


    1. G.P. - I still stay at Harrah's when I go up to AC. I believe Revel changed the requirement for a weekend room to 10 hours of $1/2. I'd rather not have the pressure to play that many hours just to stay at Revel.

      Not sure how the tournaments are doing during the week. I imagine not that well (hell, just a few weeks ago, the room was dead even on weekends). Revel is definately making a charge in the AC poker market. It deserves to do well. Everything about it is first class.

      As for the hand against Old Asian . . . I prett much agree with everything you said. I made a bad call. What's worse, I pretty much knew I was making a bad call while I was making it!

    2. Those are the ones that always bother me the most. When I'm genuinely fooled and just got out played I'm unhappy, but I'll just say "nice hand" and move onto the next one without really giving it a lot of further thought. It's those ones where all the bells and whistles are shouting "FOLD FOLD FOLD" and I still call that I can't shake.

      Thanks for another very well written (and yet still succinct) tourney report.

  6. Very well-written summary - I liked "mouthbreather" the most...

  7. I enjoyed the trip report. Are those chips good for shuffling?