Wednesday, May 8, 2013

50 and Counting

Ticket Master released some additional "cheap seats" this morning for Saturday's show at MGM Arena -- a mere $250 face value.  It's the Stones, and Keith Richards might be dead in 6 months (assuming he's still actually alive).  So, I pulled the trigger.  Seats in the same section, same row are currently selling on Stub Hub for $1,300.  Insane.
Worse case scenario, I can scalp the ticket, grab the $777.00 combo below for dinner at Le Burger Brasserie at Paris, and still have enough left over for a $1/2 buy-in next door at Bally's

Vegas.  What a town. 


  1. Nice score on the Stones tickets. I doubt they have much additional value on the secondary market at this point.

    $777 for the burger combo and no mashed potatoes to go with it?

  2. Try the Aria Tournament. The one in the afternoon is a good bet.


    1. GP - I've played the Aria Daily many times. Prolly my favorite tournament in Vegas!

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  4. I've been hearing that Keith Richards is going to be dead in six months for the last 25 years. Still, it's bound to be a good show.

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