Sunday, May 12, 2013

Fuck Poker

Seriously, fuck poker.

After three years of fairly regular play, I conclude that $1/2 NL is bullshit.  Pure bullshit.  It's a fun game to play on occasion; but it's a roll of the dice.  It's bingo.  The Government is right; at least at low limits, poker is a simple game of pure chance.

I played an hour at MGM tonight, and got stacked for my third consecutive session of $1/2.  I sat around 1:00am with $200 and quickly ran it to $330 after picking off a couple of bluffs.  Then, in two hands, I lost it all.  The first hand I raised a limper to $10 with KJ.  Flop was K47.  Villain was short stacked.  He checked, I bet, he called.  Turn was another K.  He bet, I shoved (putting him all in for another $40 or so), and he slow rolls pocket 44 for the boat.  OK.  Nice hand.

The very next hand I raise 4 limpers to $14 with TT.  All call.  Flop is K5T with two hearts.  It checks to me and I bet $45 One caller.   Turn is a small heart.  Villain leads for $45.  I look at his stack and see about $60 red birds.  I shove.  He tanks and calls, and after a blank on the river, turns over 63 hearts for the flush.  And, bonus for me, he had two $100 bills under his stack, which I didn't even notice (use to playing east coast where cash does not play).  Stacked in two hands.

I guess the lesson is to start playing 63 suited for $14 preflop.  And then calling $45 on the flop with a six-fucken-high flush draw.  Or, maybe I should be calling raises with J3 or T2 (the hands that beat me last session at Borgata).

I mean, if I'm not getting beat by jackasses playing and hitting shit hands, I'm getting bluffed off pots by jackasses "value-betting" (in their own minds) mediocre hands (e.g., the dude who check raised my low straight on the river at Showboat a few weeks ago, with three to a flush and a higher straight on the board, and showed two pair...).

I might as well grind the Tarzan slot machine . . .


  1. Happy Mothers Day!

    Pete this might help not sure, Quit for 2 weeks relax clear your mind then quit for good.

    1. Great advice, Zin. I posted that last night at 3:00am or so right afterwards. Very frustrated. I'm over it.

      Flying to Vegas for the weekend is NOT a good idea. The time change is killing me. Haven't slept since Friday night. Work should be a treat tomorrow after the midnight redeye home!

      Will have a full post hopefully tomorrow. Fun weekend at Mandalay Beach and the Stones at MGM last night...

      Now, off for a steak at Michael Mina's joint at MB... Paid for by the Blue Shirts 1-0 win over the Caps!

  2. Although most places allow $100 bills to play in their No Limit game, MGM did not until just a couple of weeks ago. Lucky you, they just changed their policy.

    I'll give you the same comment that I've gotten on my blog when I get horrific beats like those you describe...you WANT players to make bad calls like that with weak holdings. That's how you're gonna make your money. In the long run, it's +EV for you.

    Of course, in the short run, it totally sucks.

    Perhaps it's time to switch to Video Blackjack?

    1. Hey Rob. Yeah; you want those calls. But, it's been a brutal year for me at cash so far. I can't seem to win. Ever.

      Nice that they moved the room back to it's permanent location at your "home" joint.

    2. Actually, it's not settled that the MGM poker room will end up there. They are still thinking about where it's going to be. If you were there on a Saturday nite, you must have witnessed the parade of club-goers marching thru the room on a non-stop basis. They had to take out a bunch of tables and it's still too many people marching thru the poker room.

      We'll see.

    3. Rob - I also had a table right near the rail closest to the club - some view at 1:00 am.

      I was surpised at the lack of action at that hour on a Saturday. Also surprised to see the black jack tables in the "poker room."

  3. If the poker room is back to its original location at MGM, it's a club all by itself... It is strange how often people stay with horrible holdings in 1/2 NL when limit normally gets the bad rap. I am looking forward to the day that I have the bankroll to speculate with those trash..., ummm, ambush hands, because they are definitely good for stacking people...

  4. "I raised with KJ", he said........that tells me all I need to know.