Monday, June 10, 2013

2013 WSOP Cancelled . . .

. . . at least for P3...
Several months ago, I booked 13 days at Aria during the WSOP.  What's better than 13 days in Vegas, right?  Well, after watching a bunch of reruns of Magnum, PI, I came to the conclusion that spending some time in Hawaii might be better.  So, I paid the $150 change fee to USAIRWAYS, and split the trip in half - 6 days in Maui, a red eye to Vegas, and 5 days at Aria.  What could be better, right?  Well, after two painful sessions of $1/2 NL and a craptastic tournament run at Showboat on Saturday, I woke up yesterday morning, dusted off my hangover, fired up the IPAD, paid another change fee ($200 this time . . . thank you USAIRWAYS . . .) and cancelled Vegas altogether.  I mean, if I'm just going to throw money away, I might as well throw it towards 5 days at the St. Regis in Princeville, Kauai . . .
I woke up early Saturday morning and was on the road by 6:30 am.  My goal was to get to AC in time for the 11:00 am tournament at Showboat.  The drive was uneventful and I was registered by 10:15.  I made it through the first break unscathed, and managed to build my starting chip stack up to 32,000.  Then the wheels fell off.  With blinds at $1,800 / $900, I lost two decent size pots and saw my chip stack fall to 22,000.  Then I made my first real blunder.  Action folded around to me on the button.  The small blind had just had a nice little rush and commented, "I'm done playing hands for a while."  I look down at KQ clubs and raise to 4,200.  Small blind calls.  So much for his respite.  Flop comes out A 5 9.  I'm first to act and fire out a 5,800 continuation bet.  Small blind moves all in, and my cards are in the muck before his chips cross the line.  Small blind showed AJ.  In retrospect, that was probably a poor spot for a C-bet. 
Shortly after the hand, I got moved to another table.  My second hand there, I look down at 99 under the gun.  I open for $5,800 (which pretty much committed me to the hand, as I started with only 13,500).  It folds around to the old lady in the big blind.  She looks at her cards in disgust and says, "what the hell, let's see if I can hit something..."  She calls.  Flop comes down KT2.  She shoves.  Fuck me.  I have no desire to sit around waiting to shove my remaining 7,000 on another hand.  I know she has the fucken king.  But I donate.  She flips K6.  Love it.
A few hours later, I bought into the cash game for $200.  An hour or so in, I'd built up my stack to about $325, when this hand occurs:
I'm in late position with 88.  Three people limp, including a 90 year old man and a kid who's tilting heavily and is down to his last $65 or so.  I raise to $17.  Old man calls $17.  Kid shoves for $65.  I call.  Old man, who is sitting on about $350, also calls.  Interesting.
Flop comes down 3 7 T.  Old man checks, and I bet $85.  Old man calls.  Turn is a 3.  Old man leads for $50.  I call.
As we're awaiting the river, old man starts yapping about how he wants a deuce to fall.  Huh?  Is that old man humor or senility?  The river is another 10 instead.  Old man bets out $100.  I fold.  Old man triumphantly tables 23 off for the turned trips.  Turns out, he actually did want that deuce on the river.  Yep, old man puts in $65 preflop with 23 off and crushes my 88.  Love it!  [Kid had AQ, by the way].  I got up shortly thereafter a solid $100 in the hole.  It was time for dinner and drinks.
After a filet and about 6 glasses of Cabernet, black jack seemed like the right move, so I stumbled over to a $15 table right as the dealer was stacking a fresh shoe.  I bought in for $400, and proceeded to bet between $20 and $30 a hand.  Dealer repeatedly set me up nice with hands like 8 against her 6 . . . pocket 77 against her 5 . . . I doubled and split and got shit, while she turned her 6's and 5's into magical 20's.  I didn't even last the shoe.  Love it.   
It was still early, so I decided to head over to Revel for some more $1/2 NL.  I bought in for $200 and simply could not hit a hand.  I bled down slowly to $65.  I didn't even have enough cash in my pocket to top off, so I just played it out.  Eventually, I got dealt AJ and raised to $10.  One caller.  Flop was A 5 9.  I bet $14 and he called.  Turn blanked.  I checked and he checks back.  River was a 7.  I bet $25 and he raises me all in.  I call.  He shows . . . . [drum roll] . . . A 7.   Love it!
So I awoke yesterday morning with a banging hangover and nearly a grand "missing" from my wallet.  I had a comped room Sunday night, but really just wanted to head home.  I felt, however, too sick to drive four hours back to D.C.  So I grabbed some coffee and mashed some video poker.  I started feeling better and decided to go for a run on the boardwalk.  That's when it hit me.  Maybe it was the site of the ocean . . . or the clean beach . . . or the attractive, half-dressed New Jerseyians frolicking on the sand [yes, sarcasm . . .], but I decided about 3 miles into the jog that I was skipping Vegas.  I got back to my room, broke out my IPAD and made the arrangements on the spot.  Done deal. 
Afterwards, I spent the rest of the day mashing more buttons -- video poker, Sex in the City, Miss Kitty, Mr. Cashman . . . all of it.  Didn't play a single hand of poker.  And I couldn't have been happier.  
As the afternoon winded down, I found myself enjoying a cold beer at the new Landshark Beach Bar, just enjoying the view (no sarcasm this time) and looking forward to some time in Kauai.  


  1. If you will not be playing poker and have a little extra cashish, I know a poker player who would love to be staked. : o )

    1. Weekends like this really emphasize just how crazy it is that he's made his "roll" last as long as he has.

      I need to check out your trip report . . .

  2. Changing in Vegas for Hawaii????

    +EV Fo Sho!

    Smart move.


  3. I'm getting ready to move to Austin, will be nowhere near Vegas this summer, and still when I read the title of this post, my heart skipped a beat (seriously)... :O

  4. You are overreacting
    Hawaii, I'm sure, will be f'n amazing and worth it.

    1. Perhaps. But with a minor exception in Scottsdale last month, I haven't had a winning session in, like, all year. And I feel like I'm starting to play bad poker too. I'm betting or making calls I prolly shouldn't be making because in my head, I'm thinking: "no fucken way villain has it again!" of course, they do (often with shit, but they have me beat).

      Anyway, think I just need a little bit of a break. With a new room in Maryland opening in two months, I'm sure I'll be playing regularly soon enough.

  5. Hi P Cube,

    Sorry to hear the horrific details of your weekend trip.

    Not to be critical of your play, but, here's what I think:

    If your plan was to raise and commit yourself to that hand then why not shove preflop and get it over with. As the old lady indicated, let's see if I can hit something, I don't think she would have been interested if it was an AI.

    We want people to call us with 23os for a $65 raise. I would have just shoved AI after the kid's raise to isolate as 88 is not very strong to see a flop.

    I am shutting down pretty much after the $85 flop bet. Old Man called a raise, a reraise and a big flop bet and the 10 on the flop beats you.

    Here's what happened on my trip:

    Deepest Stack:
    Level 15, 2K/4K 400 ante, Hero 60K-ish in SB (Both V's cover me). A limper and a 3 bet and I shove for 60K. Limper asks for a count of my stack and 3 Bettor's and goes AI. 3 Bettor open folds 6's.

    Time to turn our cards Hero's A's vs Villians K's. Flop 10 high turn K and I say my buh-bye!

    Played a few hours at Revel 1/2 game. Horrific players to say the least. Lost around 90 with my A's to 810s as the board ran out 88535. Put my last 40 with A's and get two callers board ran out 10JQ510 and loose to Q10os. Not a good day for my pocket A's.

    The only positive thing on the VP front was played Dueces Wild and hit this on the flop at B:


    The $1000 question was whether to discard the duece for a Qc or be happy with a bird in hand ($31.25)!

    I decided to be happy with a bird in hand and promptly cashed out.

    P Cobe, take a break and enjoy your vacation at Hawaii and get back to the felt with a Vengeance.


    1. I don't disagree at all with your comments on my play. As I mentioned in my initial post, I don't think I've been playing my best recently, which is a reason in itself to lay low for a month or so....

      As for your hands . . . pretty brutal! Where was the tournament you played?

      As for your VP play - HAVE SOME BALLS!!! Damn, I'm dropping that Duece every day of the week!

      Of course, for reference, I was playing a 100 triple bonus machine at Paris earlier in the year and got dealt 4 to the royal. I believe I needed a Q. Dream flop. Out of 100 hands, I got my suited Q ZERO times. So, you probably did the right thing by taking the sure money . . .

  6. P Cube,

    This was the deepest stack event at Borgata Summer Open.

    The way my luck was running that I day, I strongly preferred "a bird in hand" approach.

    I recently met a friend of mine who told me that he doesn't bring his ATM card's to the casino anymore (he meant to the ones that are in a drivable distance). Recently on one of the downswing days he paid close to $50 in ATM Fee's. So, he has restricted himself to a 3/4 buy-in rule. If he busts he would just go home.

    So, a stop-loss approach if you not running good will help with the downswings. A break will definitely help.


    1. GP - I ended up driving over to Maryland Live last Sunday, just for a few hours to watch the O's game, grab a few beers, and mash some VP. Really starting to like that place. Love the fact that the bar-top VP has a wide variety of games (from single hand, to ten-hand, to spin poker . . .). Games seem to pay out well too. I've been twice over the last few weeks, played about 4 hours total, and only lost $30.... Can't wait for the poker room to open there.

  7. Hi P Cube,

    A lot of excitement around MD Live.

    Aren't the pay tables a little stingy (for ex. JoB Flush/St8 is 7/5 instead of 8/5 or the traditional 9/6)

    How is the construction coming along? It looks like Labor Day weekend might be a little tough to achieve with a lot of pending construction.

    I am very excited to see it as well.