Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Weekend in Bethesda

Weekends the past few months have been busy.  Fun, but busy.  Accordingly, last weekend, I decided to take it easy and do nothing (well, almost nothing).  I had plans to visit Home Depot (no, this is not an Old School reference) and finally get started on some much-needed home renovations.  I also wanted to purchase some lounge chairs and tables for my balcony.  I also needed new running shoes.  By 9:00 a.m. Monday morning, I had succeeded in purchasing a lounge chair.  The rest of my "to do" list would have to wait a while longer (I mean, how much can one man get done in a single weekend?)
I awoke Saturday morning and thought really, really (like, very) hard about hopping in the car and making the 5 minute trek to Home Depot to talk to a flooring consultant.  But, then I remembered there was also a Lowes about 10 minutes away.  An old fashioned dilemma.  Which to choose?  I turned on Sportscenter and grabbed a cup of coffee while I thought about it.  By the time I had nearly made a decision, my motivation had passed.  I decided to head to the pool instead.

The pool at home is ok.  But something is missing.  And, that something is called drink service.  I mean, is a pool really a pool without young, half-dressed waitresses serving cold cans of Miller Lite for $10.50?  On the bright side, at least the condo association has once again hired an army of 17 year old high school girls to spend the summer pretending to be lifeguards.  They are most definitely fun to look at, but I'd hate to be drowning . . .  

After the pool, I again thought about Home Depot.  And the patio furniture I needed.  And the running shoes.  So, I got in the car . . . .
. . . and 45 minutes later I ended up here:
Sunday morning, I decided to make good on at least one item on my list.  I picked lounge chair / patio table.  It took all of 30 minutes.  When it was over, I was exhausted.  Enough of this "work" crap.  It was time to have some fun.  Time to drive out to Maryland Live! and watch the Orioles-Red Sox game from the bar while mashing some video poker.  I found a spot dead center of the bar and slipped a crisp $100 into the machine and switched over to ten-handed Triple Bonus.  I ended up pulling a nice hit after being dealt three 3's and catching quads with a 4 kicker.  A solid $200 hand:
Easy game.  Of course, video poker being what it is, I gave it all back and walked away up three Miller Lites and down $30 USD.  Still, that's a win in my book. 
- P3


  1. Lowe's
    Just saying!

    Looks like quite a fun time you had there NOT improving your home!

  2. The "on the bright side" line KILLED... :)