Thursday, July 11, 2013

Desert - Day 7

Yesterday was one of those days that reminds me that I am not as young as I use to be.  Perhaps it's the heat.  I sweat more here just sitting at the pool than I do working out at home.  I think it's taking it's toll.

Yesterday morning began with a quick trip to the book to get down on the Mets + 175.  Wheeler against Cain.  Mets going for the sweep.  An insane bet on its face, but my system called for it.  Yes, the Mets 3 days in a row.  But I don't question the system.

From there it was straight to the pool.  I finished Ben Mezrich's Sex on the Moon and started reading Straight Flush . . . just dripping with sweat.  After the pool, I hit the gym for a quick 4 miles on the treadmill and then grabbed a salad at Avenue 24 Cafe at MGM.  Vegas, old man style...

After lunch, I placed my second bet of the day: D-Rays -185, and went to mash some 100 hand VP.  The machine which had been so kind to me the day before turned antagonistic.  A deuces wild machine sans any deuces.   I was down $100 in ten minutes.

From there I found a Dealers Angels black jack machine, made famous by TBC's journey to Jean.  Christ.  What a miserable game.  Slower than a live game.  I made it about 4 hands before walking away.

It was now around 6:30.  I had wanted to check out the action at Venetian.  But the thought of leaving the air conditioned casino for the 97 degree evening heat was just too much.  Instead, I decided to donate $80 in the MGM 7:00pm tournament.  6000 chips, 20 minute levels.  By far the worst structure I've played in years.  It's complete bingo, nearly from the open.  It didn't help that I was card dead.  I had two decent hands the first hour.  Both JJ.  Both hands I raised preflop, got one caller, and took the hand down on the flop, making a few chips....  By the first break, I was basically sitting on my original starting stack of 6000 with blinds at 300/600.  Still, no cards.  I made a move, raising 56 off from late position and won a few chips.  Then nothing.  I got blinded/anted down to 4,500 when I looked down at AT in the small blind.  With blinds at $600/1,200, was prepared to shove it.  But a short stack beat me to the punch, shoving her $2,300 in the middle.  AT is not a calling hand.  Sure, maybe I'm racing with two overs to a small pocket pair.  But I could easily only have one over or, worse yet, be dominated by a bigger ace.  Yet, given the state of the tournament and my stack size, I tanked for a moment.  Ultimately, I folded.  Big blind called.  Shoved flips AJ and big blind shows A2.  WTF?  The jack kicker took it, and I was happy with my fold . . . until I realized that I was still just passing time before my inevitable bust out... I won't be playing that tournament again.

After my 21st place showing, I grabbed another salad and called it a night.  At 10:30.  Vegas, baby.  Vegas.  Finished the day up a few dollars thanks (as always) to bases.   My record for the trip is 8-3 (+535) and has kept me hovering around even.

Well, for those reading this in the Valley, you can see it's cloudy out.  Perfect opportunity to skip the pool and play the Aria daily at 1:00....


  1. Yeah, if you're going to be fighting that heat all day, then bed at 10:30 p.m. is totally understandable...

  2. Two salads is all you ate in a full day in Vegas? You ANIMAL you.

    Funny you mentioning how much you dislike the structure at the MGM $80 tournament. About a year or so ago they actually improved it. Added a couple of levels. Tournament lasts a lot longer than it used to, seriously.

  3. Two salads and bed at 10:30 pm? Dude ... DUDE ... you are in Las Vegas!

    Dealers Angels ... must sleep immediately ... PPP or TBC?

  4. Tell me I won't be posting something just like this next week. Except for the 2 salads anyway, there is no way I'm doing that in one day.